How To Apply For Jobs At Mr Price Stores

Mr Price Stores

Who Is Mr Price?

It seems like everyone in South Africa has heard of the Mr Price group and their range of stores. The clothing shops were the first. They started out in Durban in 1985 and have now spread to all corners of the country.

Mr Price is known for its affordable and trendy fashion items, as well as its commitment to sustainability and ethical business practices and strong focus on customer satisfaction.

The company's range of products includes clothing, shoes, accessories, homeware and beauty products, and is popular with a wide range of consumers, that begin from young adults to families. The Mr Price Group in South Africa consists of Mr Price, Mr Price Home and Mr Price Sport. 

Mr Price also operates an online store, providing customers with a convenient and accessible platform to shop for their products. The online store offers a wide range of merchandise at an affordable price across various categories, including clothing, home decor, furniture, sporting goods and accessories.

Customers can peruse the product inventory, read thorough product descriptions, and verify the sizes and colors that are offered. Additionally, product photographs from various perspectives are available on the Mr. Price online store, giving customers a better idea of the item before deciding to buy it.

Jobs Offered At Mr Price

Mr Price offers a variety of job opportunities across its retail stores, head office and distribution centres. There is a diverse range of positions across multiple fields, for experienced job seekers as well as for students and recent graduates. They also offer learnerships.

Positions in Mr Price retail stores include sales associates, cashiers, a store manager, assistant store managers and stockroom associates, that all work retail hours and sometimes public holidays.

The Mr Price company employs professionals in buying and merchandising jobs who are responsible for selecting and sourcing products, analysing market trends, negotiating with suppliers, and managing inventory levels to ensure a profitable and appealing merchandise assortment.

Jobs in distribution and supply chain management involve overseeing the movement of products from suppliers to stores or customers. These roles include warehouse managers, logistics coordinators, and inventory analysts, who focus on optimising efficiency and ensuring timely product availability.

Other positions for job seekers include those in human resources, finance and accounting, IT and technology, and marketing and advertising. 

With the launch of the Mr Price online store, website and growing social media presence (which you can follow), there are now more vacancies for candidates interested in marketing, digital media and social media management.

How To Apply For Job Vacancies at Mr Price Stores

The Mr Price company Group says they hire for attitude and train for skill. If you're qualified, passionate and have a great attitude, then you're one step closer to joining their family.

If you’re looking for an opportunity at one of their stores, here is how you can submit a Mr Price job application. To apply for available jobs, you simply complete an online application form using the below steps.

Mr Price Online Application For Jobs

  1. Visit the Mr Price career website
  2. Create a profile (skip to step 5 if you have already created an account; simply log in to your account)
  3. Fill out your personal details, email and password
  4. Save your information and create your profile
  5. Browse the available job opportunities
  6. If you find an opportunity that interests you, you can click “apply”
  7. Follow the prompts and successfully submit your Mr Price job application

After completing the steps and your profile has been set up, you can start searching for jobs vacancies and filter by location or division/department.

You can click on the “more information” button of a job that interests you. This will show you the requirements, duties and any other relevant information about the jobs available.

If there are no Mr Price vacancies that currently interest you, by keeping your profile you can come back and check for future job opportunities any time, as well as receive email notifications about any work vacancies.

Remember to make sure that all your personal details and contact information on your application form have been filled out correctly.

To work at a Mr Price store you will need:

  • A valid South African ID
  • Be able to work retail hours, including over weekends and Public Holidays
  • A minimum qualification of Grade 12, matric or equivalent)
  • The Mr Price Group reserves the right to conduct Employee Verification Checks, including, but not limited to, Criminal and Credit Checks

If you haven't heard back within 30 days, your Mr Price job application was unsuccessful, but there is no harm in applying again. 

Benefits Of Working At Mr Price

Working at Mr Price may come with several benefits and advantages for employees. Some of the work benefits at Mr Price include:

  • Competitive salaries and benefits packages to attract and retain talented individuals, which may include bonuses and incentives.
  • Employee discounts
  • Training and development programmes, learning opportunities and workshops that enable employees to develop and enhance their skills and knowledge.
  • Career advancement opportunities within the company.
  • Employee wellness programmes aimed at promoting and supporting employee wellbeing.
  • An inclusive and diverse work environment

It's important to note that specific benefits may vary based on factors such as employment status (full-time or part-time employees) and job level within the Mr Price organisation.

It's always advisable to refer to official company sources or speak with HR representatives to get the most accurate and up-to-date information about the benefits available to employees at Mr Price.

You can keep an eye out for any Mr Price vacancies by regularly checking the Careers website and the location of specific stores.


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