Junior Research Executive (Market Research)

Vibrand Research is a market research agency full of fresh ideas and loads of experience across multiple market segments. We are currently looking to hire a Junior Research Executive in Johannesburg. If you are interested in joining the vibrant field of market research, and meet the following requirements, please send us your details:

Marketing and Sales

Design and devleopment of Marketing Material
• Provide creative input on marketing material.
• Copy, edit, check branding, and communicate needs to other writers.
• Coordinate the design and dissemination of marketing and advertising materials and messages.

Sales and Marketing Executive

A key member of the team working with school management and faculty, this position involves:
School visits and career events
Website administration and social media
organising open days
Controlling the application process through to interview stage
Control of marketing budget
Generating sales promotion and PR activity

Market / Financial Analyst

Key Responsibilities

Job Summary

The Market / Financial Analyst is responsible for developing an in-depth understanding of the South African
hospitality industry and particular competitors within HPF’s market. Provide analytical and benchmarking
support to the management team for properties within the portfolio.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities


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