Assessors and Moderators

A.S.A.P Events & Consulting is seeking to extend its scope with the ETDP-SETA and Services Seta and is thus looking for Assessors and Moderators who would want to partner with us in transforming the skills development and training landscape in South Africa. Registered Assessors and Moderators are sought for contracting for the following qualifications:

Facilitators and Assessors

We are looking for Facilitators/Assessors in:
1) Human Resources
2) Wholesale and Retail

Applicants must have working and f acilitation experience in the sector they apply for and must be based in either Limpopo or Mpumalanga.

Email CV together with proof of qualifications and assessor registration (if applicable).

Materials Developer & Accreditation specialist

Imsimbi Training is one of the leading training providers in South Africa and is looking for a materials developer. The person will be required to develop new training materials for short courses and for full qualifications. The person should be able to develop new qualifications including the learning material and the accreditation documentation.

ETDP Facilitator and Assessor

We are looking for an experienced Facilitator and Trainer who is qualified and registered with the ETDP Seta to train, assess and moderate the following programmes:
Conduct Outcomes Based Assessments 115753, Conduct Moderation on Outcomes Based Assessments 115759, Facilitate using a variety of Given Methodologies 117871
Material Development and Skills Development Facilitator.


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