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five English teachers for schools in Wuhan, Cixi, Ninhai, Xiaoshan

Teaching English to 3-14 years old kids in an English training school in China. Cities: Wuhan, Cixi, Ninghai,Xiaoshan, China
Working Hours:
40 hours a week: 17-23 teaching hours and another 23-17hours office hours. Two days off per week, but not on weekend. Most of the classes are on weekends' day time and weekday evenings.


Freelance Assessor/Moderator

We are looking for Assessor/Moderator registered with Service Seta for the following;
SAQA ID 59097 FETC: Real Estate NQF 4 and SAQA ID 20188 National Certificate :Real Estate NQF 5
If you are registered for Unit Standards that make up these qualifications we would like you to forward your CV to the email address given.

Hotel Manager

A hotel manager manages the day-to-day operations of a hotel, including reservations, food services, housekeeping and conventions. In a small hotel, one manager usually makes all the important daily decisions, whereas in a large establishment, a general manager hires a number of managers to be in charge of individual departments.


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