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Social Media Intern


Social Media Intern




Full Facing (Pty) Ltd


R10 000 Per Month

Job Purpose Summary

The Social Media Intern will be responsible for assisting in the management of the Company’s social media presence to attract and interact with targeted virtual communities and network users.

The goal is to create brand awareness, attract quality audience, drive engagement, generate website traffic, market our products and attract talented employees.

Primary duties and responsibilities (but not limited to)

  • Conduct thorough research in order to effectively manage and maximum the Company’s social media presence
  • Create and maintain all relevant social media platforms for the Company
  • Keep up to date with and report on social media trends and tools
  • Define, implement and review Company’s social media strategy
  • Define and implement a social media calendar to manage and plan all campaign content and respective timelines
  • Identify and define relevant, original and high quality content to be published on the social media platforms
  • Keep up to date with current news and articles to share with followers on social media
  • Liaise with relevant internal stakeholders with regards to the design and creation of social media content and / or campaigns
  • Obtain approval on the social media plan, calendar and all content prior to publishing
  • Engage in dialog on social media platforms and monitor and respond to client comments
  • Conduct monthly audits to review and improve social media performance and effectiveness
  • Provide feedback to management about social media trends and statistics
  • Encourage employee engagement with the social media platforms



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