How To Change Your Sassa Banking Details On File


If you find that you need financial support the government will assist in the from of the SRD grant. You must apply for the SRD payment and give Sassa banking details as well as your bank details.

Your grant application will be processed much faster if you submit all the correct banking details and generally follow all the instructions.

You can specify your payment method and having your payment paid directly to your bank account is the best way to avoid fraudulent activities. Make sure you submit the correct bank details so you receive the payment on time.

The Sassa banking details link allows you to submit banking details directly on the website. This is sometimes referred to as the money transfer option and it means that they will use the payment method of transferring the SRD R350 grant payment to your bank account.

If you need Sassa to provide assistance you can submit a request for help with the SRD application process.

You must also provide other personal details like your ID number and your registered mobile number. However Sassa recognises that sometimes banking details change - more details on how to do that later.

There are a few options that SASSA has approved:

  • Change from one payment method to another.
  • Move payments from one bank to another.
  • Choose a cash-send option.

To change your payment method, you can read our detailed article with full instructions.

SASSA has allowed for these kinds of changes to take place because for some people it has been very difficult to access their grants from the post office. 

It is incredibly important to make sure that your payment details are up-to-date and accurate. SASSA has said "when choosing a bank account, ensure that the account is in your name (SASSA cannot pay money for one person into the account held by another) and that the bank account is not closed.

The payment process is delayed if money is sent to a closed account, as SASSA has to wait for the funds to be returned before sending it to the Post Office for collection." 

How to change your banking details?

If you need to change your banking details we can help you with details on how to do that.

  • Click here, to change your bank details.
  • Submit your ID Number.
  • An SMS containing a secure link will be sent to the mobile phone number with which you registered during the application.
  • Click on the link in the SMS and follow the instructions carefully.

For more information about changing your payment method, you can visit the SASSA website.


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