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UCT Senate Votes to Approve Compulsory Vaccination

Saturday, 25 September, 2021 - 13:25 Author Raigan Cloete

The University of Cape Town Senate has voted for the mandatory vaccination of students and staff from January 2022.


After a resounding vote by the UCT Senate, plans to introduce compulsory vaccinations among students and staff.

The Senate voted on a proposed policy to make COVID-19 vaccines mandatory from 2022. 

Prof Linda-Gail Bekker was the scientist who brought the policy before the Senate and stated that vaccinations were the key to getting on-campus learning back.

Unfortunately, online learning does not work for everyone, especially those who do not have quiet spaces to learn, libraries nearby and access to the internet.

“Getting us all back [on campus] and working will assist productivity and get us back to near normal again. Vaccines are our passport to that,” said Prof Bekker.

Elijah Moholola, the University spokesperson, stated that the senate members voted via an electronic ballot on the topic of mandatory vaccinations. 83% of the members supported the decision for mandatory vaccination.

The next step would involve engagement across the university with “all relevant stakeholders whose voices are key in this process”.

The university has mentioned that no decision has been finalised on the mandatory vaccination on campus. They believe that the final decision should be made by the university council.

UCT’s spokesperson stated that UCT would provide updates on the issue and they would continue to urge students and staff to get vaccinated.

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Students Died After Shooting At Student Residence

Saturday, 25 September, 2021 - 12:11 Author Raigan Cloete

The South African Union of Students (SAUS) released a statement after receiving the devastating news about the gruesome killing of students from the University of Free State at the Qwaqwa campus.


During the early hours of 22 September 2021, four students were attacked and shot at their student residence in Botjhabela Village at the Qwaqwa campus. Two of the students suffered critical injuries and were taken to the hospital. These students are currently in a perilous state and fighting for their lives. Unfortunately, the other two students were killed on the spot. 

Captain Boy Makuba stated that he believes that the three unknown suspects demanded money, phones and laptops from the students. Even though the students did not demonstrate any resistance, they were still gunned down.

SAUS offered their most sincere and heartfelt condolences, prayers and thoughts to the loved ones of the deceased students. They also wish the two students who are currently in hospital a speedy recovery. 

They hope to visit the family, students and community of Botjhabela village.

The union would like to request that the University of the Free State and Higher Health make psychological support available to students who have been left traumatised after the recent events.

“The reality is that the death of these students further highlights the devastating state of student accommodation in the South African Higher Education sector, particularly off-campus or private student accommodation,“ said SAUS.

The union believes that “the lack of adequate housing in the sector, by implication, makes the department of higher education and universities co-conspirators in the senseless killing of students of this nature.”

Most universities are only able to accommodate less than 20% of students in acceptable and safe student accommodation, which leaves 80% at non-affordable accommodation and exposes them to endless criminal elements.

“The recent killing of Nosicelo at the University of Fort Hare could also be directly attributed to the abhorrent state of student accommodation within the broader Higher Education Sector,” read the statement released by the union.

The union believes that the targeting of student accommodation by criminals shows the inactive and feeble efforts of the University Protection Services and SAPS to strengthen security and police visibility in and around student accommodation. 

However, SAUS urges SAPS to bring these criminals to justice.

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COVID-19 SRD Grant Recipients Left Disappointed

Saturday, 25 September, 2021 - 11:22 Author Raigan Cloete

On 22 September, recipients of the COVID-19 SRD grant, in Cape Town, were left disappointed since some retailers were not able to process their grant payments. These retailers included stores in the Pick n Pay Group. 


Stores in the Pick n Pay Group were expected to form part of the new payment points for the SASSA temporary SRD Grant.

Mitchell’s Plain residents, who receive the COVID-19 SRD grant, stated that they had “high hopes” of receiving their grants at their local stores but after the store’s system crashed many were sent home empty-handed.

One of the recipients stated that after waiting in a long queue she was told that their system was offline and when she returned an hour later she received her payment.

The Pick n Pay Group handles a few other grant payments on behalf of SASSA, such as disability, child care and pension grant. However, some retailers state that keeping additional funding on their premises poses a risk, as it may make them targets for robberies.

Although the process to collect the temporary SRD grants may have caused some issues, community leaders welcome the move.

Retailers were introduced as SASSA paypoints in the hopes of reducing the queues outside post offices around South Africa.

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SASCO Rejects Mandatory Vaccination By Higher Education Institutions

Saturday, 25 September, 2021 - 10:07 Author Raigan Cloete

SASCO rejects the attempt by some universities in South Africa to implement mandatory vaccinations. The organisation believes the current discussion is an adventurous imposition on self-determination and the freedom of choice.


The South African Students Congress released a statement that reflected their views on mandatory vaccinations by South African institutions. 

While SASCO supports the request for the rollout of vaccinations to protect students in South Africa, they are worried by the process of engagement and the reasoning used to justify the mandatory vaccination of students in universities.

As an organisation, SASCO believes that the COVID-19 vaccination should remain voluntary so as not to infringe on people’s decisions. They believe that people should be able to make their own decisions, especially when it comes to deciding whether to take the vaccination.

“We must also consider the possibility that once vaccines are made mandatory, this may fuel more hesitance amongst our people,” read the statement.

The organisation stated that they are concerned by the lack of engagement and consultation around the suggestion of mandatory vaccination. They believe they should exhaust all avenues of engagement in an effort to deal with vaccine scepticism.

SASCO states that transparency, engagement, superior logic and openness are important tools to engage voluntary participation.

“SASCO is also concerned around the urgency for students, who on average rage between the age of 18-30, would be imposed a mandatory vaccination when they are not the most vulnerable group and are not quantitatively significant enough to justify any urgency as it relates to the broader National vaccine drive,” read the statement.

The organisation will be engaging with the institutions that are considering mandatory vaccination and student leaders who will be attending the university forums.

Now more than ever is the time for engagement, A time to foster collaboration and appreciate the constructive buy-in. Our institutions must not slip into draconian authoritarianism. Institutions must be centres of intellectual engagement and persuasion, they should never harbour anything other than a healthy appetite to engage.

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SASSA: What 'Debtor' SASSA SRD Status Means

Friday, 24 September, 2021 - 10:21 Author Sakinah Samuels

If you've done a SASSA grant status check for the SRD grant and it said 'debtor', you might be confused. We might be able to help you understand what this means and what you have to do.


Some applicants for the Special Relief of Distress (SRD) grant are being left confused with many questions as they see a 'Debtor' SASSA grant status reflected when they check their SASSA application status.

SASSA has given some insight into what this means.

The agency has said that should you see this, it means that you were paid in the last round but when audits were done, you were found to not have been eligible to be receiving the grant.

SASSA then says that you will need to pay back those funds before you are considered for the new round of the R350 grant.

Should you not be happy with this, you can then submit a R350 grant appeal. You have 30 days after being given this reason to do so.

How to Appeal for SASSA Relief Grant Online
  1. Go to the SRD Grant website
  2. Scroll down to 'Application for reconsideration'
  3. Click on the yellow bar
  4. Fill in the required fields

You will need to provide reasons as to why you believe you were declined on an unfair basis. Once you submit an appeal, SASSA will then consider your application again.

Should you have submitted your SRD grant appeal, you will then need to track it. Click here to find out how to track your R350 grant appeal.

The applicant was paid in the last round but when audits were conducted they were found not to have been deserving and need to pay back before they are considered for this round

— SASSA (@OfficialSASSA) September 14, 2021

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Applications Open For Short Courses at Unisa

Friday, 24 September, 2021 - 10:06 Author Sakinah Samuels

You can now apply to study short courses at Unisa. These courses at Unisa are online courses which allows you to gain the skills you need on your own schedule.


2022 applications are now open for short courses at Unisa. These short courses allows people who are already employed to gain skills to further their career while pursuing their career.

Unisa offers more than 50 short courses. The following disciplines are included:

  • Accounting Sciences 
  • Administration
  • Agricultural and Environmental Sciences 
  • Economic and Management Sciences 
  • Education 
  • Human Sciences 
  • Law 
  • Science, Engineering and Technology

Unisa's short courses fall under the term 'Short Learning Programmes' which Unisa says, "focus on "just in time" and "just enough" learning to meet a specific learning need identified by individuals, organisations or society at large".

Applications for short courses at Unisa close on 28 February 2022 and applications have to be done online.

How To Apply
  1. You will need to apply online here
  2. You will also need to submit the required documents
    • Copy of your school qualifications (eg Senior Certificate)
    • Copy of your official tertiary academic record(s) (if applicable) (internet copies will not be accepted)
    • Copy of your ID document (RSA students) or ID / passport (international students)
    • Copy of your marriage certificate (if applicable) or divorce decree (if applicable)
    • Sworn translations of documents if they are not in English or Afrikaans

No application fee is applicable when applying for short courses at Unisa.


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Universities Must Play A Bigger Role In Rebuilding Economy: Prof. Francis Peterson

Thursday, 23 September, 2021 - 15:06 Author Bulelani Dyomfana

South Africa is in trouble and it will find it difficult to overcome and build a thriving economy on the back of a divided society. Vice-Chancellor of the University of the Free State, Professor Francis Peterson says the education sector has a role to play.



The rector and Vice-Chancellor of the University of the Free State, Professor Francis Peterson has penned an opinion piece. He says South Africa is in trouble.

In it, Peterson says it is impossible to build a thriving economy on the back of a divided society.

He says the educations sector has a role to play. By that, he means that it should be much easier for tertiary institutions to find employment opportunities for their graduates or prepare them for the entrepreneurial world.

However, looking at the current state of the country from a broader perspective, Peterson says that the country's economy has been tethering on the brink of collapse since the pre-pandemic period.

He says that the ensuing events that followed only showed more of the existing divisions and the unwillingness of its society to build its economy. Peterson said that this is not a conducive societal environment for graduates.

If we look at the subsequent events that played out, the corruption the Zondo commission has brought to the fore, the looting and violence that happened in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng and you start to ask, is this a society that is mature and could work collaboratively to build an economy? The graduate is a critical component of that. 

"But you have graduates operating in a country where the economy is not flourishing and secondly you feel that there is a division between different groups in the country." He adds.

Peterson says that there needs to be more critical reflection on what the role of universities is in a society. He says that universities need to be more engaged in their society and properly understand their society.

He says that by doing this universities stand a better chance of gaining and integrating other knowledge systems from other sectors of society as they are not the only custodians of knowledge.

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SADTU Saddened By Murder of Teacher At School

Thursday, 23 September, 2021 - 14:39 Author Melikhaya Zagagana

The South African Democratic Teacher’s Union (SADTU) in the Western Cape has released a statement condemning the murder of a teacher in the Western Cape.


On Tuesday morning this week, 52-year-old Teacher, Thulani Manqoyi was shot dead in the parking area of Heinz Park Primary School. Manqoyi was sitting in his vehicle when the shooting took place at the school, located in Phillipi, Cape Town. 

SADTU in the Western Cape is said to be deeply saddened by the horrendous act, saying that schools are a place of safety where educators and learners need to be protected. 

The union calls on the police to work with diligence in ensuring that the perpetrators are brought forward, as a matter of urgency. 

The Western Cape Education Department (WCED) must also improve security at Heinz Park Primary School and surroundings to ensure the safety of everyone at the school, said the teacher’s union. 

SADTU in the Western Cape has extended their sincere condolences to the family, and all parties affected by the unfortunate event. 

The teacher’s union is said to be monitoring the situation at Heinz Park Primary School through its leadership in the province. SADTU has also promised to keep its members informed for any new developments. 

The violence at schools in South Africa has become a topical issue that the government and SAPS have been struggles root out in the schools. 

The union is said to have developed a campaign called “I am a School Fan”, urging community members to assist in ensuring safety at schools for everyone. 

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What Curriculum Hardships Mean For The Class of 2021

Thursday, 23 September, 2021 - 12:50 Author Bulelani Dyomfana

Rotational attendance and early school closures reflect the impact the Covid-19 pandemic has had on the country's education system. Nicky Roberts from the University of Johannesburg breaks down what this means for the class of 2021.




The Covid-19 pandemic has had a serious impact on schooling in the country. Schools have had to close early, while pupils have attended classes on a rotational basis.

Nicky Roberts from the University of Johannesburg says that the matric class of 2021 seems to be in a worse position compared to the class of 2020. 

She says that precarious position is reflected by a variety of factors, which include the decline of the matric pass rate by 5% last year, pupils not having sat for grade 11 final exams and a trimmed curriculum in addition to having their June exams cancelled.

Roberts further states that they need as much support as they can get, particularly now that some of them are currently writing their trial examinations. 

They are facing admission into university using their school-based assessments and we know that school-based assessments are unreliable. So that also impacts on them after a hugely disruptive year last year.

An additional hurdle for them to consider is that despite having missed their grade 11 final exam, They have also had to rely on their unstandardized Grade 11 results for entry into university.

According to Roberts, this could potentially result in some of them being anxious about which courses they gain access to or having to worry about when their conditional acceptance will come through.

On whether there may be some form of compromise on the part of tertiary institutions for these matriculants, Roberts says that there has been no indication that there may be some form of concession for the impacted learners.

I think the situation is very much that everyone is in the same boat, so all of the grade 11s have faced the same thing. I don't think that's entirely true. Obviously, those with means have had a far better experience and far easier shift into remote learning. So we have widening inequality.

She says that in terms of entry requirements, universities are employing the exact same metrics as prior to the pandemic period. 

One of her main concerns, however, is the rotational attendance that still applies among Grade 8 and Grade 9 learners. She says that although matric learners are being prioritized, there should be as much support and resources placed on those critical transitional years into high school.


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UNISA Warns Students Against Fraud And Dishonesty During Exams

Thursday, 23 September, 2021 - 12:17 Author Melikhaya Zagagana

University of South Africa (UNISA) has released a statement on its website strongly condemning the fraud and dishonesty that some of their students get up to during examinations. 


It is alleged that some students at the university pay a fee to a third party to write exams on their behalf. 

UNISA is urging their students to not engage in these activities, as it will reflect badly on their record. 

The institutions released a warning statement to students who pay a fee to a third party to write exams on their behalf. 

We have noted an increase in the solicitation of our students by third parties promising to write online examinations on behalf of students for a fee. 

The institution has said to be invigilating some modules for the September – November 2021 online examinations, and advised that in order to be ready, students must adequately prepare themselves prior to their examinations. 

Unisa has warned that if students are found to be in possession of unauthorized notes, exam papers or if they have external parties assisting them with assessments, they will be expelled from the institution. 

The institution has been embroiled in a row of controversy of late which involves delayed certificates for their graduates since 2019. 

The institution is yet to respond to the allegations of delayed certificates, as their graduates remain stuck and unable to apply for employment without certificates. 

UNISA is also pleading with anyone who has information about students taking part in fraudulent activities during exams to report such. 

Any suspicions of dishonest and fraud can be reported to the following contacts: 

•    Hotline South Africa - 0800 005 311
•    Hotmail South Africa -  [email protected],za
•    Hotlink South Africa -  www.thornhill.co.za/kpmgethicslinereport
•    Hotfax South Africa   - 0800 200 796

Unisa is invigilating some modules for the September – November 2021 online examinations. In order to be ready, students must adequately prepare themselves prior to their examinations. Online Invigilation for 2021 Examinations: https://t.co/bukxvPQgUv pic.twitter.com/Jk8YxiHIxV

— Unisa (@unisa) September 21, 2021

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Researcher Proposes For Schools To Scrap Academic Awards

Thursday, 23 September, 2021 - 10:46 Author Bulelani Dyomfana

An education researcher holds the view that rewarding academic achievements in schools creates barriers. Her PhD study has found that creating ranking systems in schools does not benefit the vast majority of learners.



Education researcher Shakira Akabor says that the system of rewarding learners using badges, accolades, awards, and ranking systems can be exclusionary.

Akabor, who is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Unisa, says that the system does not work for inclusive education and notes that it is not practised in some of the more developed education systems around the world.

She draws comparisons between South Africa's schooling system and that of  Finland and Germany's educational systems, which are considered as being some of the best educational systems in the world. 

Akabor's PhD research has found that academic achievement awards create barriers to inclusive education. She says her study, which primarily focuses on scholastic achievements, looked at how this reward system had an effect on the learning of all pupils in the classroom.

What I found in my study is that this makes a lot of people very unhappy, not only people who don't win awards or who missed the criteria by a few points, but also those who do win awards.

She adds that 66% of the learners who were respondents in her study were award-winners themselves and they had many concerns and issues.

Her respondents stated that awards do not truly reflect their abilities and that some of them would often miss the award criteria by a few percentage points even though they knew that they were as capable as their award-winning counter-parts

Akabor, adds that there were some of them who felt that the system is rigged since the learners would win every year despite their efforts to compete.

Additionally, some of her respondents felt that the system caused them so much anxiety and stress that they had to sacrifice their social lives in order to meet the award criteria.

Akabor also points out that part of the underlying issue is that learners are motivated by different reasons to strive for academic excellence.

She adds that there are some learners who are motivated internally, purely by the love of their work while there are those who are motivated by external rewards, such as badges, pins and trophies. Academic rewards only benefit learners who are motivated by extrinsic factors according to Akabor.

What about the learners that are internally motivated, what about the learners that are self-motivated? Do they not deserve recognition?

She says that although the system works for some pupils, It does not benefit the vast majority of learners and thus it should be replaced by a system through which learners, are taught to learn for the love of learning. 

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Still No Word On 2022 Applications From NSFAS

Thursday, 23 September, 2021 - 10:37 Author Melikhaya Zagagana

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) is yet to make announcement as to when the application dates for 2022 funding will be opened. This is unlike any other year where the application window would open early to give applicants time to prepare and apply. 


NSFAS communicated the delay through its social media platforms, saying that applicants will be informed about 2022 application dates in due course. 

Reminder that Application dates for the 2022 academic year have not been announced. We advise prospective applicants to monitor our website and social media pages for official updates regarding the opening of applications.

The delay for NSFAS funding applications for the 2022 academic year is over a month late compared to 2021 funding applications.

Applications for the 2021 academic year opened on 18 August 2020 and remained open for a period of two weeks as they closed again on 3 September 2020. 

A delay in the announcement of application dates for 2022 funding might contribute to the anxiety of students during their final exams, as NSFAS is usually their hope for funding to further their studies. 

This will also interfere with the holiday breaks, where students are allowed some time out from their academic responsibilities before the start of the new year. 

Applicants hoping for 2022 funding are advised to stay alert for new developments that will be communicated through the NSFAS website and its social media platforms. 

Reminder that Application dates for the 2022 academic year have not been announced. We advise prospective applicants to monitor our website and social media pages for official updates regarding the opening of applications.

— NSFAS (@myNSFAS) September 23, 2021


— NSFAS (@myNSFAS) September 16, 2021

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Social Media Coordinator for Heron Square

Terrique Faro Thursday, 23 September, 2021 - 09:38

Calling all Social Media savvy's. If you're an absolute master at all the most popular Social Media platforms, Heron Square wants you. They're on the hunt for a Social Media Coordinator to join their team. 

Advertisement   Opportunity Details

Heron Square are specialists in affordable student accommodation, led by a vision to be recognised and respected as the best student and young professional accommodation in Cape Town. This values driven company is looking for an awesome Social Media Coordinator to join their growing team.

The Social Media Coordinator will be responsible for assisting in a range of marketing initiatives within Heron Square.

Their duties include:

  • Tracking analytics for social media
  •  Creating social media content as well as posting schedules and writing captions for social media posts.
  • Posting property Ads on Gumtree & Property24
  • Managing Google Ads and analytics


Skills & Qualifications:

  • 2+ years’ experience in digital marketing/social media marketing is preferable, but any experience is welcome
  • Good oral and written communication skills
  • Excellent internet research skills
  • Mastery of the major social media platforms including Facebook,  Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest
  • Knowledge of social media analytics software including Facebook Insights, Google Analytics to track audience engagement and performance
  • Experience with Canva / Photoshop for content creation
  • Apply is simple! All you need to do is click here, and you will be directed to The Knowledge Trust's website. 
  • Read all information about this position and then click on the "Apply for job" button. 
  • Follow all the steps and that's it!



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Logistics Intern for Freight Management

Terrique Faro Thursday, 23 September, 2021 - 09:33

Are you comfortable with using computers and have strong attention to detail and procedure? Then you could be part of the Freight Management team as a Logistics Intern.

Advertisement   Opportunity Details

Freight Management, a leading logistics company with more than 30 years of experience, is looking for an awesome Logistics intern to join their team!

You will learn the ins and outs of the international freight business from factory to customer.

You will get an insight into the inner workings of the international cargo movements as well as the  legislative and customs formalities associated with those movements.

You will shadow one of their clerks in either the imports or exports. Your initial learning will be to interrogate the required documents for freight, then the origins of those documents and how they are created. Then you’ll move on to an understanding of the full supply chain.

Daily tasks:

  • Would be assisting clerks,
  • Collecting and Integrating documents,
  • Correspondence with vendors
  • Capture of Documents


Location: Based in or around Paarden Eiland.

Strengths would have to be:

  • Articulate on the phone and in emails.
  • Comfortable with the computers, Office, Excel, Pdfs
  • Strong on attention to detail and procedure
  • Ideally someone who has does a diploma from a freight school looking to get some experience or someone who is interested in the industry
  • Apply is simple! All you need to do is click here, and you will be directed to The Knowledge Trust's website. 
  • Read all information about this position and then click on the "Apply for job" button. 
  • Follow all the steps and that's it!



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Word of Mouth is Looking for 3x User Support Agents

Terrique Faro Thursday, 23 September, 2021 - 09:21

Are you the next change maker? Are you committed to learning and growth? Social Enterprise, Word of Mouth, is looking for a User Support Agent to join their team. 

Advertisement   Opportunity Details

Word of Mouth (WOM) is a social enterprise changing the way the informal economy trades. Their digital marketplace connects informal micro-enterprises with local customers living in informal settlements (townships) looking for their services or products. Whether a resident of a township needs to paint their nails, get their hair done, or buy the latest sneaker, WOM provides them with a one-stop-shop they can trust. Informal micro-enterprises that sign-up pay commission on each job completed, and get access to formal supply chains, the marketplace, and training so they can grow with their businesses.

They are looking for bright, energetic, team players, who are target driven individuals to join our User Support team. The role involves closing deals, while also providing excellent user support for both our businesses (Partners) and our customers (Users).

If you are a go getter with a can do attitude, who doesn’t give up easily then this role is for you.

Culture and Fit (it’s first for a reason)

● We are a small, young, energetic team who love tea and the occasional beer or wine, our work, good humour, better music, and a roll-up your sleeves attitude (in no particular order);
● We believe that nothing is impossible but impossible isn’t easy/likely to happen in a 9-5;
● We are all committed to learning, to new ideas, and to be being better than we were last month;
● We do not enjoy: egos, bad tea, and low expectations;
● We believe in local solutions, and are committed to building a platform for the township by the township; and
● We believe in an inclusive world, where choice and opportunity are not limited to those that can afford it.

Title: User Support Agent Reporting: Junior head of happiness

Roles and Responsibilities

● Conduct outbound calls to new potential customers (users;
● Conduct 24 hour confirmation calls with customers;
● Conduct morning confirmation calls with customers;
● Conduct customer review calls with customers;
● Conduct customer re-engagement calls;
● Raise complaints in the CRM; and
● Provide resolutions for complaints with the customers. Education Tertiary qualification preferred Skills and experience
● 1-2 Years Sales or Customer Support preferrable;
● Excellent computer skills;
● English speaking (required);
● Xhosa speaking (preferred);
● Have good verbal and written communication skills and a friendly tone.;
● Be good with technology and comfortable learning new systems;
● Fast typing speed (24 words per minute); and
● Be able to multitask without compromising the quality of your work.

Remuneration: 6500 full time equivalent (1500 bonus on targets and achievements).
Hours of Work: Flexible part-time/ shift work
Contract: 3 Months
Start Date: 01 October 2021

  • Apply is simple! All you need to do is click here, and you will be directed to The Knowledge Trust's website. 
  • Read all information about this position and then click on the "Apply for job" button. 
  • Follow all the steps and that's it!




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ConCourt Rules Against Unisa On Language Policy

Thursday, 23 September, 2021 - 08:48 Author Bulelani Dyomfana

The Constitutional Court has ruled that Unisa must revise its language policy to include Afrikaans as a medium of teaching and learning. This after it found the decision to phase out Afrikaans as a medium for teaching and learning was in violation of section 29 of the Constitution. 



On Wednesday afternoon The Constitutional Court ruled that it is unconstitutional for the University of South Africa to exclude Afrikaans as a language of teaching and learning in its language policy that was adopted in 2016.

This comes after it found the decision to scrap Afrikaans as a medium for teaching and learning was in violation of section 29 of the constitution.

The judgement comes after a five-year-long legal battle between lobby group, Afri-Forum and Unisa which has gone before the High Court as well as the Supreme Court of Appeal.

According to the Apex court's judgment, Unisa contented that catering for Afrikaans students would be at the expense of other official languages. And as a result, decided in 2016 to adopt a new language policy to discontinue Afrikaans as a language of learning and teaching.

The objective for the policy was to institute measures to enhance the status of indigenous African languages, while also phasing out Afrikaans and, therefore, removing the guarantee that courses be offered in both Afrikaans and English.

However, AfriForum launched an application in the high court to review and set aside the language policy on the basis of procedural irregularities and inconsistency with section 29(2) of the constitution.

The section states that everyone has a right to receive education in the official language of their choice in public educational institutions where that education is reasonably practicable.

The High court dismissed AfriForum's application. The lobby group then approached the Supreme Court of Appeal, which upheld its appeal last year.

In 2020, the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) ruled in favour of lobby group AfriForum. The SCA found that UNISA had neither implemented nor adopted its language policy in accordance with constitutional requirements.

The SCA noted that when a learner already enjoys the benefit of being taught in an official language of their choice, the state has a negative duty not to diminish this right without appropriate justification. In order to justify the removal of the dual English/Afrikaans model of teaching and learning, UNISA had to show that it was not reasonably practicable to sustain it. 

Following this, UNISA appealed the matter taking the case to the Constitutional Court. The Apex court then stated in its ruling that Unisa has been able to show that it was reasonably practicable to discontinue Afrikaans as one of its languages of instruction.

"The Court held that UNISA singularly failed to adduce any evidence that it had regard to the consideration listed in section 29(2) at the time when the impugned decision was made." stated the Concourt.

Consequently, the Court held that UNISA's decision in 2016 to adopt the new language policy, and discontinue Afrikaans as a language of learning and teaching, contravened section 29(2) of the Constitution rendering that decision invalid.  

The Constitutional Court has also given the University of South Africa until the start of the 2023 academic year to revise its language policy to include Afrikaans. 

Alana Bailey, AfriForum’s Head of Cultural Affair, welcomed the judgment stating it was a huge victory for Afrikaans, Afrikaans-speaking students and language rights in SA in general.

This marks the beginning of a new chapter in the empowerment of all who are not first-language speakers of English in tertiary education. 

"The court today confirmed this point with the ruling and confirmed the right to access to Afrikaans mother-language education at both public and private institutions for students of all income groups" She added

Related: Unisa In Court Over Language Policy

(2/2) Judgment on Wednesday, 22 September, at 15h00: The University failed to demonstrate that it is not reasonably practicable to continue with Afrikaans as one of the languages of instruction. pic.twitter.com/3SXGH2joZm

— Constitutional Court (@ConCourtSA) September 22, 2021

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Ace Your Interviews

Thursday, 23 September, 2021 - 08:36 Author Terrique Faro

Follow these tips and remain cool under pressure the next time you are asked to attend an interview.

Here are a few interview tips Be positive

If you go into the interview room with a positive mind set you are more likely to be relaxed and succeed.

Remain calm

Of course preparation is still the most important aspect of the interviewing process. There’s nothing like preparation for making interviews go better, for giving you confidence and relaxing your nerves. Excessive nervousness before an interview may be a sign that you are poorly prepared.

Do your research

Do your research, know the job, know the company, know yourself and the people that are interviewing you. 

Be aware of your body language

Applicants should be cognisant of their body language and presentation. Lean forward, smile, make eye contact and be sure to shake everyone’s hand with a firm handshake. Shaking hands with the interviewer will set the tone for the rest of the interview. 

Ask questions

Ask questions, however not in the conventional way. Ask questions for clarification during the interview. Questions like ‘is that what you mean’ or ‘did I answer that question in full’ or ‘what have you found to be effective when this situation has occurred’ are good examples. 

Wrap up

Wrap up the interview by obtaining feedback. Ask how well you did and confirm that you’ve answered all their questions and that they have no objections. Reiterate your interest in the position and conclude with a brief summary of your qualifications and why you are the best person for the job.

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Bursary and Graduate Opportunity At PSG Management

Bronwyn Thursday, 23 September, 2021 - 08:05

Our PSG Bursary and Graduate programme aims to create a pipeline of young talent within the financial services industry.

Advertisement   Opportunity Details

PSG Bursary Programme PSG Management Services (Pty) Ltd
Closing Date: 31 December 2021

Minimum Requirements

  • Be South African Citizens

A final year/Honours/Masters student completing their degree in any one of the following:

  • IT (Information Technology, Information Systems, Computer Science, Informatics)
  • Engineering (Electrical & Electronics, Computer, Software Development, Industrial, Chemical)
  • Actuarial Science
  • Statistics
  • Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
  • A good academic
Graduate Positions

What is in it for you?

A 12 month graduate opportunity

Continuous coaching, mentoring and on-the-job training

Work exposure within the financial services industry

  • Information Systems and Technology Graduate Programme
  • Actuarial Graduate Programme 
  • Investments, Economics and Finance Graduate Programme
  • Engineering Graduate Programme
  • Mathematics and Statistics Graduate Programme
  • Finance Graduate Programme 
  • Accounting Graduate Programme
  • Legal Graduate Programme
  • Project Management Graduate Programme
  • Marketing Graduate Programme (Pretoria)


  1. PSG Information Systems and Technology Graduate Programme PSG Management Services (Pty) Ltd
    Closing Date: 31 December 2021
    more info

  2. PSG Actuarial Graduate Programme PSG Management Services (Pty) Ltd
    Closing Date: 31 December 2021
    more info

  3. PSG Investments, Economics and Finance Graduate Programme PSG Management Services (Pty) Ltd
    Closing Date: 31 December 2021
    more info

  4. PSG Engineering Graduate Programme PSG Management Services (Pty) Ltd
    Closing Date: 31 December 2021
    more info

  5. PSG Mathematics and Statistics Graduate Programme PSG Management Services (Pty) Ltd
    Closing Date: 31 December 2021
    more info

  6. PSG Finance Graduate Programme PSG Management Services (Pty) Ltd
    Closing Date: 31 December 2021
    more info

  7. PSG Accounting Graduate Programme PSG Management Services (Pty) Ltd
    Closing Date: 31 December 2021
    more info

  8. PSG Legal Graduate Programme PSG Management Services (Pty) Ltd
    Closing Date: 31 December 2021
    more info

  9. PSG Project Management Graduate Programme PSG Management Services (Pty) Ltd
    Closing Date: 31 December 2021
    more info

  10. PSG Marketing Graduate Programme (Pretoria) PSG Management Services (Pty) Ltd
    Closing Date: 31 December 2021
    more info

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Who Qualifies For SASSA’s Grant In Aid?

Wednesday, 22 September, 2021 - 16:07 Author Lauren Chawula

Are you wanting to apply for SASSA's Grant in Aid but you don't know whether you qualify or not? Well we can help. Keep reading to find out whether you qualify for the SASSA's Grant in Aid. 


The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) provides financial assistance in the form of social grants to South Africans who are vulnerable to poverty. One of these grants is the SASSA Grant In Aid. 

The Grant in Aid is used to assist with medical bills, nutritious food purchases, and compensating the person taking care of the frail, in addition to another grant. 

The requirements to qualify for this grant are as follows: 

  • The applicant must be in receipt of a grant for Older Persons.
  • Disability grant or a War Veteran's grant, and require full- time attendance by another person.
  • Owing to his/her physical or mental disabilities.
  • Must not be cared for in an institution that receives subsidy from the State for the care/housing of such beneficiary.

Those who qualify for this grant will receive an amount of R460 per month.

When you go to the SASSA Offices to apply for this grant you need to bring the following documents with you: 

  • your 13-digit bar-coded identity document (ID)
  • proof of your marital status and spouse’s identity where applicable
  • medical report or assessment report (less than three months old) that shows that you need full-time care.

For more information on the SASSA Grant In Aid, click here. 

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Will Funza Lushaka Cover PGCE at Unisa?

Wednesday, 22 September, 2021 - 15:58 Author Melikhaya Zagagana

The Funza Lushaka Bursary is a program established to support teaching studies and available to qualified students to complete a teaching degree. If you are a UINSA student and you want to find-out if your PGCE qualification will be funded by the Funza Lushaka bursary, we have answers for you.


The Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) is an education qualification in the teaching sector. The Funza Lushaka Bursary focuses on students who are doing an education qualification at a higher learning institution. 

The University of South Africa, also known as Unisa, is a recognized higher learning institution under the Department of Higher Education and Training, therefore doing PGCE at Unisa would be funded by the Funza Bursary. 

The Department of Basic Education established the Funza Lushaka program in order to fund the disadvantaged students who wanted to study a professional in education. 

There are two types of  Funza Lushaka Bursary Qualifications. These are Undergraduate Studies and Graduate Studies.

Undergraduate Studies

This covers a 4-year Bachelor of Education degree (B Ed), specializing in Foundation Phase (Grade R – 3), Intermediate Phase (Grade 4 – 6), Senior Phase (Grade 7 – 9) and FET Phase (Grade 10-12).

Graduate Studies

This covers a 1-year Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE). Combined qualifications are also acceptable such as combine specialization in the Foundation Phase (Grade R – 3) and Intermediate Phase (Grade 4 – 6), or the Intermediate Phase and Senior Phase, or the Senior Phase (Grade 7 – 9) and FET Phase (Grade 10 –12).

In order to qualify for Funza Lushaka Bursary, you have to meet the following requirements:

  • You must be a South African Citizens at 30 years of age and under.
  • Applicants who want to complete a teaching degree or want to become teachers (Post graduate Certificate in Education and have already been accepted at an accredited public University.
  • Applicants who want to make a career change and become teachers, show dedication and passion for a professional career in teaching, display interest in working with young people, are ready to face and handle difficult challenges and have personal integrity.
  • Applicants should have good academic performance.
  • Spouses and Children of applicants of Higher Education Institution employees are not eligible. 
  • Two of the priority area subjects must be included as a specialization in the teaching qualification.

For more information about the Funza Lushaka Bursary, click here.

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