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4 Tips for choosing the right career


Do you know what you want out of life? Follow this unconventional advice to find a career that suits you.

According to career advisor J.T O'Donell finding the right job requires deep reflection.

These four steps will help you narrow down the search and do work you really love.

Are you searching for a job, career or calling?

If you don't know the difference the statements below will help you to define these three terms:

Job: A means of making money to pursue your dreams

Career: Something that stimulates you on a daily basis

Calling: The thing that defines you and the impact you want to have on the world

Before you invest time in pursuing a career you need to be clear about your goals and expectations.

Define your dream job

"Write down your personal definition of happiness at work," says O’Donnell. Consider what would would give you meaning and purpose. Create a detailed definition that you can reflect on as your career unfolds. This can be used as a guide to help you make the right career decisions down the line. Think about the kind of activities or daily tasks that would compliment your definition.

Name your heroes

"Write down five people you admire when it comes to work." Make a note of how they approach work and how they are succeeding at work.

"If you look closely at these individuals and their habits you will also recognize whether they have a job, career or calling."

Do what matters most

"Create a list of all the problems in the world that matter to you." Think about which problems would you like to solve or how you would like to improve the lives of others.

You can add your hobbies and interests to this list. By doing this you will start to see a pattern which will point you in the direction that would best suit your passion and abilities and ultimately lead to your success.

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By Cindy Payle - Portal Publishing


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