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5 Reasons you can't find a job

You have the qualifications and necessary experience but the best job opportunities keep passing you by. Here are five reasons you may be struggling to land a job.

In the video"why can't I find a job- 5 reasons why" Linda Raynier highlights five barriers that prevent job seekers from finding their dream jobs.

Job searching is a chore

At the start of your job search you might have felt optimistic about the possibilities for your career.

But now looking for a job is no longer an adventure but a huge chore. This has affected your enthusiasm and you may even have lost the confidence and motivation to apply for certain positions. It is important to maintain your positive energy throughout the process as this could reflect in your applications.

Unrealistic expectations

"You place all your hope in the next job interview you get called for and feel disappointed when it doesn't work." Don't get so focused on the outcome that you forget to deliver in the moment. Employers can sense stress in applicants. Try to learn from the process rather than obsess over the result.

You feel inadequate

Whether you are simply applying for a job or have made it to the interview room you have a nagging sense of self-doubt. You may meet all the requirements on paper but you need to demonstrate a confidence in your own abilities to do the job in order to convince your prospective employer.

Do it like a Pro

Do you exude a professional presence? This comes from the believing in yourself and knowing your worth. If you have been out of the industry for a long time you may battle to see yourself in a good light. Think about your accomplishments and focus on what you are able to bring to the job.

Desperation not excitement

People who seek work out of desperation often land up in bad jobs. Desperation causes you to settle for less than you deserve. You need to maintain your vision even when it gets tough in order to find the job opportunities that line up with your values.

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