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5 Skills To Master Before Starting A Career In Marketing



In any career, there are foundational skills you need in order to succeed in that career. We are going to give you five skills to master before starting a career in marketing.

#1 - The first thing you need to master before starting in marketing is sales. You're always selling yourself whether you're are simply preparing for a job interview or introducing yourself to someone new. This is a vital skill to have in the marketing feild.

#2 - The second thing is, before starting in marketing, it's good for you to understand general marketing. Marketing entails so much more then the obvious such as understanding human psychology. Humans are very prone to certain actions, that's why you should learn about marketing to understand human psychology, and that's how you can get people to eventually buy. Then it is also good to learn all the things around search engine optimization, PPC, email marketing, social media marketing.

#3 - The third thing you need to know is how you can delegate really well. You can't do everything on your own. You've got to learn how to delegate. Having an attitude of deference at the end of the day is important.

#4 - It is important to have an attitude of openness. You have to understand that marketing is changing so quickly, because technology is changing so quickly, so naturally the two go hand in hand. What works today might not work in the next five years, the next 10 years or so. You have to know what's coming, you have to be very open to what other people are telling you. You can't be a know it all. You need people around you to help you, to guide you, to keep you humble.

#5 - The fifth and final thing is having good communication skills supported by sincerity and honestly. If you're looking to get something done with marketing, you have to talk with designers, you have to talk with developers, you have to talk with people on your team. You have to talk to your CEO, as well. At the end of the day, if you can speak up, you're going to be able to get things done, people respect you for that for speaking up, for being direct. The worst is when you're not being direct and you're not telling the truth.

The bonus I'll give you as well is if you're getting started in marketing, let's say you specialize in SEO, become a general marketer. This means becoming a T-Shaped marketer. You can specialize in SEO, but it's having a general understanding of these other areas too, so you're not pigeonholed into one area and again, you're opening, you're expanding your mind.


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