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5 Tips To Prepare For Your First Job



Many can relate to the question of “where do you see yourself in the next 3-5 years.”

Most of the time we have no clue where our direction of success may lead too. This can often be scary especially if you are entering into the corporate world without having any working experiences.  

“I remember just after completing my bachelors degree how stressful it was seeking employment in my field of study. Lets face it, it is sometimes unlikely that you find your “dream” job that fits in with your degree. Going into the big world can be a very scary yet an exciting experience. I remember it was not very long when I received an internship at a recruitment agency. Being a graduate I was nervous and did not know what the expectations were as I had no working experience. We often think that we have our future planned out but it may not always go according to our expectations”, says Shannon-Leigh Adams. 

Don't be afraid to expand yourself, to step out of your comfort zone. That's where the joy and the adventure lies.” - Herbie Hancok

#Be prepared

Ensure that you are well rested before you start your new job. Remember to dress professionally as your appearance represents who you are. Be sure to know the route you will be taking and try and leave as early as possible to be on time, as punctuality is the key to success.

#Make a good first impression

This is a very important trait to have as it shows your eagerness and willingness especially when starting a new journey. Having a positive mind-set is one of the best attitudes for a lasting first impression. 

#Don't be afraid to ask questions

It is not expected that you know and grasp everything in one day. By seeking guidance you will be able to learn and bounce off new ways of learning. By asking questions and putting into place the practical tasks, allows you to broaden your skills and knowledge.  

#Listen and learn

Each company has their own unique working structure/system. Try and be flexible and adaptable. Life is a constant learning process and every individual has their own way of thinking and doing things. You can make a list of your own unique ideas and incorporate into your daily routine. As an individual, you need to be an asset to the company by bringing in new ideas in order for the company to flourish. 

#Connect with others

Building relationships is not always easy especially when you are new to the environment. Try your best to connect and get to know different faces and personalities to make you feel comfortable and at ease. 


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