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6 Tips to help you re-enter the workforce

How do you return to the office if you haven't had a 9 to 5 job in years? These tips will make your transition back into the labour market a little easier.

There are many reasons people leave the security of their day jobs. An employee might choose to become a stay at home mom or decide to study full time.

Others might be forced to leave because of a family crisis, a medical issue or retrenchment.

Whatever the reason returning to the workforce after many years or even a few months can be intimidating.

In the video "Re-entering The Workforce" author Vicky Salemi shares some helpful hints on returning to the corporate world after a long absence.

Be realistic with your expectations

Don't expect to start at the top. If you were a director before you left the workplace you may need to start in a management position or work under someone who is younger than you. Be humble and give yourself time to move back up.

Stay in touch with contacts

If possible try to stay in contact with former colleagues during your furlough. Even if it's just through casual conversations. This will keep the doors open when the time comes for you to re-enter the workforce.

Look the part

Dress appropriately if you are called into an interview. This will help you make a good first impression and it will boost your confidence levels.

Do mock interviews

Role-play interview scenarios with friends. This is an excellent way to practice your interview skills and get honest feedback.

Keep technical skills sharp

Do a short course or ask a friend to give you pointers on current software. Don't go back into the workforce until you have had a chance to brush up on your skills and are familiar with the latest technologies in your field.

Stay social

Volunteer your services at community or other social events. This will help you redevelop your soft skills and re-learn how to work with people.

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