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Being An Unemployed Graduate: Practical Ways To Keep Going



Being an unemployed graduate and not finding any jobs that match your requirements or what you are looking for is already difficult. Being an unemployed graduate is especially difficult during a time like this. The coronavirus pandemic makes finding a job so much more harder and eventually when you do find a suitable job to match your qualifications, there are probably thousands of other applicants so the pressure to stand out is on. 

Add the pressure of your parents constantly nagging you to make your own money and things can start feeling slightly overwhelming.

I have come up with five tips to help keep unemployed graduates going.

Tip One - Volunteer

Volunteering is a great way of getting into the work space or simply just getting your head into a different frame of mind. Volunteering will not only look good on your resume but it will give you the fundamental skills you need. It can also give you exposure to people that you can network with who may potentially lead you to your future employer.

Tip Two - Consider Doing A Part-Time/Temporary Job

Being in a position where you have to get a temporary job such as doign some admin work for a government institution or a consulting firm may be frustrating but it can help you gain something called transferable skills. These are skills that you can acquire from doing one job but may be applicable in another job, such as communication skills and problem-solving skills. These are just as important as your degree.

Tip Three - Redesign Your CV

Redesign your CV. Unfortunately, when you receive that rejection letter or rejection email it doesn't necessarily come with the feedback that you need in order to increase your chances of getting the next job. They don't tell you what they didn't like about your CV. At this point it would be a great idea to constantly look at redesigning your CV by adding new skills and giving it a new look. 

Tip Four - Take A Free Online Short Course

Short courses are often overlooked or undermined when they actually have the potential to completely change your life. You might just find that you enjoy your short course and it could potentially become your new hobby or side hustle. It could also potentially help you discover something new, something that you've always been passionate about but you never thought you could pursue.

Tip Five - Introspect

Introspect and remember your WHY. Your WHY is like a catalyst for life. It's the reason why you're alive, it's the reason why you here on earth, it's your purpose. Now your purpose will never be something that is self-serving, it will always be something that will serve others and add value to people's lives. Use this time to carefully think about what your purpose is and if you're lucky enough you could take the necessary steps into making that your career as well.

Tip Six - Stay Active

Last but not least, stay active. There's a quote that goes "Action solves fear".  The more productive you are, the less time you have to entertain your fears and worries. So use this time to start doing things that will put you in a better mental state such as joining an online community, doing some reading, jogging in your community, trying some new cooking techniques.

I hope these tips help you and give you some inspiration and guidance. I too was once in this position, so writing this article hit home and it was a topic I relate to so well.


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