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The Benefits Of Distance Learning For Students



Distance learning is referred to the method of studying remotely through correspondence learning. This includes a wide range of methods such as videos, online classrooms and study groups which are flexible for students. 

There are different types of distance learning, namely:

  • Correspondence learning: Students will receive all materials such as textbooks, assignments and study guides via the post. This allows students to work through the material at their own leisure. With correspondence learning, there is very little interaction between students and the lecturer/ tutor and may request help on various electronic platforms. 
  • Electronic learning: This is also known as e-learning. This form of learning allows you to have access to all your material on computer-based applications such as CD’s or DVD’s 
  • Online learning: This form of learning requires you to have a computer with internet access. From the above-mentioned,  this is the most interactive type of learning. Online learning allows you to communicate in real time with your peers and lecturer/tutor virtually. 

Disadvantages of distance learning:

  • Feedback may not be given immediately 
  • Lack of self motivation and being easily distracted
  • Slow internet/ downtime 
  • Lack of interaction with your tutor and other students
  • Learning is isolated 

Advantages of distance learning:

  • Greater flexibility 
  • Saving time and money 
  • Less time on commuting 
  • Learning at your own pace
  • You can have a full-time or part-time job whilst pursuing your studies 

Life is a constant and continuous learning process. Online learning has now become the new “norm”. There are various techniques of learning which enable us to adjust to the different methods. Distance learning is not suited for everyone, therefore when choosing this option be sure to be 100% dedicated and committed. It is so easy to fall behind and lose track as you are working independently and relying on your own self-motivation.

When pursuing distance learning always ensure the following points mentioned below:

  1. Identify your type of learning style
  2. Know your expectations and set goals for yourself 
  3. Ensure that there is constant communication with your lecturer
  4. Prioritize your time and schedule 
  5. Jot down important deadline dates 
  6. Revise over your work as often as you can 
  7. Have a positive attitude and mindset 
  8. Be proactive 


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