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Careers You Can Do With An Interest In Science Or Technology



What do you would you like to become in the future?

It's time to look at careers that involve science or technology.

Film or video editor

They study scripts, determine the audio and visual effects of films, organize and review footage, trim and piece together film segments. If you were brilliant in math classes and enjoyed doing things like geometry or algebra, these would help if you want to be a film and video editor. 


A microbiologist studies the structure and other characteristics of organisms, the structure and functions of cells, conduct chemical analysis and develop new products and procedures for sterilization of food or microbial contamination detection. Classes to take include, biology, chemistry, physics, algebra, geometry, calculus and you would need atleast a master's degree.


They analyze compounds, develop, improve and customize product formulas and methods, analyze information, work with scientists and engineers and write technical papers. Classes to take include chemistry, physics, computer science, algebra, geometry, calculus and english. A bachelor's degree in chemistry is recommended.

Computer programmer

Computer programmers write and review programs, correct errors and recheck the program and conduct trial runs. Classes to take include physics, computer science, algebra, geometry and calculus. A bachelor's degree in computer science is required.

Civil Engineer

They provide technical advice, inspect project sites, test soil and materials, plan and design transportation, hydraulic systems or structures and analyze survey reports. You'll need to take classes that include mathematics and science and you'll need a bachelor's degree in engineering.

Electrical Engineer

They design, implement, maintain and improve electrical equipment facilities and systems, they use engineering and design equipment, perform calculations and research materials. You'll need to be good in subjects like mathematics and science and need to study for a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering. 

Robotics Engineer

They build, configure and test robots, design robotic systems, debug robotic programs and investigate mechanical failures. You'll still need to be good in mathematics and science  and study for a bachelor's degree in engineering. 


They study  and analyze data, present their findings, develop theories, collaborate with other genres and calculate the orbit sizes and other properties of celestial bodies.  

Computer Hardware Engineer

Computer hardware engineers test and verify hardware, monitor equipment, build, test and modify product prototypes and write specifications. This career also requires a lot of mathematical skills and science and you'll need to study for a bachelor's degree in computer engineering.


They examine patients, identify and treat neurological system diseases and disorders, communicate with other healthcare professionals and prescribe or administer treatments or medications. You will need to study for a medical degree for this one. 


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