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High-Paying Jobs Nobody Is Talking About



If you're interested in working online then there are a few jobs you've probably heard talked about over and over again, like being a graphic designer or web designer or a virtual assistant and while those are great opportunities they're also very competitive because there are so many people who do them.

We walk you through seven underrated online jobs these are jobs that nobody is really talking about but we don't know why because there are great opportunities and interesting jobs that pay well and aren't that difficult to learn and none of them require a degree. Even though it's true that you don't need a degree for any of them you do need to study and get in a sufficient practice before you'll be able to do them.

1. A Pinterest Manager
A Pinterest manager it manages the Pinterest account and pinning activities of a business many businesses use Pinterest to market their website and their products but they don't want to do all that work themselves and so they hire a Pinterest manager to do it for them. This is a job that pays pretty well and the other great thing about this job is that it doesn't require very much study before you'll be able to do it very well. Pinterest marketing is relatively simple so anyone can do it if they learn the necessary skills.

2. Repurpose Content for Businesses
Now there isn't really a title for this job because it's not very common and different people who do this sort of work call themselves different things. We'll call you a Content repurposer but basically what this person does is they take content that a business is making for the internet such as videos or blog posts and they turn it into other kinds of content. This way the business are able to maximize their resources by taking one piece of content and appear to be everywhere on the Internet.

3. Youtube Channel Manager
You probably already know what this kind of person does basically they are running a YouTube channel for a youtuber. YouTube creators have a lot on their plate they have to film videos and get those videos edited they also often are talking to brands about sponsorships and then continuing that communication with them to come to a good agreement they have to create the thumbnails for their videos they have to upload those videos and configure the metadata there's just a lot that goes getting to running a YouTube channel but most youtube creators want to focus on one aspect of it. The creation part they got into YouTube because they love making videos and they don't really want to deal with all the admin side of running their channel and this is where the YouTube channel manager can really come in handy and can provide a valuable service to these youtubers just like with all the rest of these jobs you don't need a degree to be a YouTube channel manager in fact I'm pretty sure you can't even get one but in order to become a channel manager what you'll need to do is prove yourself the best way to do this is to get as much experience as possible and you can do this by working for free with smaller channels to get your feet wet and learn the ropes as you become more
valuable to these channels you can ask to be paid or you can work on finding larger channels that are interested in paying you for your help and this way you can work your way up the ladder and increase your pay next up.

4. Launch Strategist
Many businesses especially online businesses regularly market their products with launches or promotions. These can be very profitable events for the business but they're also a lot of work to run because there's a lot of moving parts there might be emails that need to be sent out or ads that need to be run and many different aspects of the sale that need to be tracked this is where a launch strategist comes into play a lot strategist keeps track of all these different aspects of the sale or the promotion so that the business can make the maximum profit with the least amount of strain on the company itself again a launch strategist doesn't need to have a degree now a background in marketing is certainly helpful here but primarily you need to learn how launches work and you need to get some practice
running launches for yourself the more practice you get the more valuable you'll be to a business and the more they will be willing to pay you it's very common though for business to
pay a launch strategist several thousand dollars per launch that the launch strategist helps out with though job

5. Specialized graphic designer
Now as we mentioned at the beginning, there are many graphic designers out there so there's a lot of competition in this field. However there are some specialized type of graphic designers but not very many graphic
designers provide specialised services to businesses who need these types of graphic design. Some businesses are willing to pay premium rates for them for example I'm talking about things like having PDFs designed for digital products many online businesses need these digital assets created and and use them to either market their products or as a component of the product themselves because these assets are either being used to market the product or as part of the product themselves. They're much more valuable to the business than say social media graphics are and because of this the businesses are willing to pay much higher rates the key here is that if you're a graphic designer and you want to get into this kind of work you have to brand your specializing in this type of work if you want to be able to attract the clients who are looking for this type of design work and you want to be able to charge the highest rates.

6. Affiliate Manager
An affiliate manager is someone who manages the affiliate program of a company. An affiliate program is essentially a referral program people sign up with the business's affiliate program so that they can promote that business's products and in return they earn a small commission. This is a very popular way to market products online and these days many companies in all sorts of industries have affiliate programs. We are talking about everything from clothing companies to software companies to amazon.com.

7. Specialized Marketing Strategist
Now this isn't just one job there's all sorts of different specialized marketing strategist'. You could be a Pinterest marketing strategist or a Facebook marketing strategist or a YouTube marketing strategist. The point here is that you are helping businesses market themselves on a very specific platform and that you are an expert in how marketing on that platform works beyond focusing on one platform over another. You also can specialize in either paid marketing on that platform or organic marketing on that platform, for example if you are a facebook marketing strategist who focuses on organic marketing strategies then you're going to help businesses determine what to share on facebook, when to share it, how to brand themselves on Facebook and how to interact with their followers on the other hand. if you are a facebook marketing strategist or a facebook advertising strategist and you focus on paid advertising on facebook then you're going to help businesses come up with strategies for their advertising campaigns on the platform which is a completely different ball game there are so many different opportunities under this job description.


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