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How To Discover Your Passion And Pursue It



One of the most frustrating phrases that many graduates are told is to “follow your passion”. It may take years of struggling and hard work to figure out what truly brings you joy and happiness. It would be a lot easier if you knew where your passion really lies and the direction you’ll be heading. 

When you are given the opportunity to explore your talents and capabilities, it is easier to choose a career that interests you and makes you happy. As a graduate you need to start with the right perspective, by taking the time to work through the “identifying your passion” process. 

Questions to ask yourself when discovering your passion:

How do I spend my free time?

This is the one question which you should be asking yourself regularly. The early you start identifying what you enjoy doing in your free time, the easier it will be to bring that interest to life. When you are discovering your passion, do not limit yourself by finding something that is in line with your college major/degree.

What topics or activities excite you?

You will immediately know what excites you as you gravitate towards a specific topic /activity. It is important to hold onto what you really love. When you are drawn to something, you want to delve deeper into it and gain more perspective on the topic or activity.

Will this drive me to wake up early every morning?

As students, you spend most of your time staying up late completing assignments which leaves you feeling drained by the time the weekend comes. However, there are certain things that you are willing and excited to wake up for. Regardless of what the activity/task is right now, as long as it excites you and investing your time and effort into it. 

Do I want to learn more?

This question allows you to reflect upon your current level of participation and whether you would want to grow your involvement.  When you are passionate about something, almost anything you do can be expanded when you are motivated. 

What are your future goals/ plans?

It is important to keep in mind both your short and long term goals. When your passion is identified, your vision becomes more clear. Having the resources and tools available, this encourages you to work hard towards your goals and strive to achieve them as often as possible.

When the above-mentioned questions are considered, taking the time to explore and discover your hobbies and interests can enhance your awareness of new, developing or existing passions.  


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One of the most frustrating phrases that many graduates are told is to “follow your passion”.

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