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How To Get A Job With No Experience



Here's today's question: "How do I get a job with no experience?"

Getting your first job can be hard. Some of us get our first job in high school whether it's an ice cream shop, a babysitter, or doing part-time promotions. Others get their first job in college, either through an internship programme or simply by working  part-time, and then some of us get a job right after graduating. Getting your first job is really hard, especially entering the workforce for the first time.

Figure out what experience you have. This will take some time but trust me you have some experience or skills of some sort. First things first reframe how you approach the job process. Just because you've never had a "real" job doesn't mean you don't have skills. Think about all the skills and experiences you've had in your life, and start there. Look back at everything you've accomplished. What extracurriculars have you participated in? Did you take on any organisational roles or leadership positions there? Did you show up on time? Are you reliable? How do you approach problems? Are you creative? Have you won any awards or received acknowledgments for any skills?

Asking yourself these questions and coming up with thoughtful responses will help you realise that you do already have the skills and relevant experience you need to find the job of your dreams.

Continue your education if you already have a dream job in mind and then think about what is required to get into that position. What are the skills or requirements, and which ones do you have? Where are your gaps and where your overlaps? In order to close some of those gaps, take a class, whether online or in person. This will show not only that you're serious about the job that you're looking for, but that you take learning seriously. This is a trait that every employer loves. 

Try an internship or job shadowing position. Job shadowing is a great way to learn more about your industry. You can use this as a way to dip your toes in the industry while expanding your professional network. More great news is that internships are usually really flexible about work experience. They'll allow you to showcase your existing skills while building new ones. If you can't afford an unpaid internship, consider looking for a remote internship that provides an opportunity to work flexible hours. Try to find an entry-level job in the service industry to hold you over while you gain experience in your dream industry. If you're interested in a career in the service industry, you've killed two birds with one stone. You can also offer to volunteer your skills online or on weekends to a company in the industry you're looking to work in. Use your personal network .

We know it can be really intimidating to reach out to people and ask for help, but unfortunately, it's necessary in any job search. For example, your mom's co-workers daughter might be able to get you an interview at your dream company. At this point, your personal network is also your professional network so use it. 


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