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How To Keep Millenials Inspired In The Workplace



As a young employee, it is important to find a working environment where you are able to showcase your talents and grow as an individual. Creating an environment centered around mutual respect and understanding is important for millennials, especially in this ever-changing 21st century. 

Tips to inspire millennials in the workplace:

Explain the company’s vision

"If you can explain the whole picture, it connects the meaning to the person," says Jeremy Kingsley. What this means is that young employees are more likely to look for things that will inspire them where they are able to add value to their work. It is important that leaders are helping them understand what the main purpose of their role is and what is expected of them. When they are made to feel of value, it will lead to an increase in productivity and achieving the desired goals of the organisation. 

Provide regular feedback and encouragement

This generation responds well to encouragement and immediate feedback from their leaders. It is so easy for millennials to feel discouraged when they are taking on tasks that are tedious and no longer become a challenge for them. As a young employee, it is important that leaders are checking in regularly and providing both positive and corrective feedback where necessary. Even though they are young, just as any other human being fulfilling a role we are bound to make mistakes. It is important that as a leader you view mistakes as a part of learning and work towards helping millennials learn from their mistakes.

Avoid micromanagement

Millennials do not respond well to being micromanaged from their leaders. This makes them feel insecure and reluctant to use their skills and expertise. They want to feel secure and have the autonomy to achieve their goals in their own way and learn from their mistakes. Leaders should help them learn to be innovative while providing them the space to do things their way.

Be open to their suggestions and input

It is important that leaders are listening to what millennials have to offer. This will help them feel a part of the organisation and make them feel valued. They are the ones that are creative, ambitious, collaborative, highly tech-savvy, and always eager to learn. This provides them with the opportunity to learn and grow in their current position. 

Hold them accountable for their actions

When providing millennials with clear goals and expectations it provides them with a sense of ownership over their tasks. Connecting the goals of the business to their values will help them feel like their work is valuable and contributes to the overall success of the business.

The best way managers can keep millennials engaged is by constantly inspiring them to do better. Through inspiration, this will encourage them to utilise their talents to the best of their ability and contribute to the overall success of the business.


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