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How To Keep Your Team Connected During Lockdown



Keeping connected with your employees outside of the office isn't always easy but there's definitely a lot of tools that you can use to help you along the way, whether it be a video call through zoom or conversations through slack.

Now, many of these applications are free right now during this COVID-19 crisis, so you can definitely take advantage of those to keep in contact with the rest of your team but it's not just so much about keeping in contact, we need to add a little fun in our days.

We can't be sitting at the computer all day working. Now, a lot of companies normally have a day during midweek or at the end of the week that they call after works so the entire team goes and grabs a drink or possibly lunch. Just because we're all cooped up at home doesn't mean those days need to stop. What I suggest is still making time for these employee activities, making sure that everybody's connected even while separated. So, one thing you can do is try and bring your team together maybe once a week or twice a week and encourage a little activity. So whether that's setting up a zoom call to play cards, joke around a little bit, have a drink, a coffee, definitely try and get your team to interact.

It's so important during this time to keep those connections strong as a lot of people can feel isolated while at home. Another thing you can do to keep your team connected is offer a little online team-building. I'm not talking about sitting at the computer having conversations and chatting back and forth. Get your team moving, maybe it's something physical, maybe it's a workout challenge or something that you can do online virtually to get people moving a little bit, some sort of friendly competition, just to get people up from their desks and interacting in a different way. Keeping your team connected goes so much further beyond just the work, especially during this time when everyone's separated and cooped up in their homes it's really important to keep those connections. Let your employees know that they're supported.

So, whether you're the HR manager or a supervisor, get in contact, do a little check-in, make sure that everyone's okay for what they need, jump on a 15-minute call and just have a little chat, so team building, games cards, competitions, whatever it is get your employees moving a little bit and motivate them in a different way to keep their spirits up.

This is a time that we all need to really keep our spirits up. It's not all doom and gloom but it's a difficult time and we'll all get through together.

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