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How To Maintain A Work-Life Balance - Tips And Tricks



Work has become this sort of colossal game of Jenga where we're trying to add things on top or still keep everything standing up and stable. We've put together some thoughts on ways that we can make our lives a lot less stressful.

Half of all people who have checked their emails outside of work hours show signs of high levels of stress. The very easiest thing you can do to reduce your stress levels from work is to take your work emails off your mobile phone.

The second best change that anyone can make is to take a lunch break. The habit of eating at your desk has become so common now it's contributing to an increase in our stress levels. Taking a proper break away from your desk can also increase your engery levels.

More and more people are finding it hard to get things done because of all the interruptions of life. Whether it be an unexpected phonecall in the morning while getting done for work or an urgent task at work that suddenly popped up. Go somewhere that is silent, there's no interruptions, block yourself off for 60-90 miuntes a day with no interuptions and just take time to do what you feel in that moment you want to do.

One of the best ways to increase workplace creativity is to increase the amount of conversation in the office. You can chat about last night's TV show, what's happening in sports games because normally those conversations then lead to work discussions. It's a strange thing that by encouraging people to have more coversations we're actually going to be achieving more at work.  Scientists have found that one of the biggest barriers to being creative in our jobs is stress, and all of us with our phones feel more stressed than ever before.

You need to give yourself permission to have a digital break with no mobile phones, laptop or anything distracting. Take time away from your work on the weekend, for a bit of refreshment, a bit of renewal. Discourage your boss from emailing on the weekend because it leads to people feeling anxious when they come back to work on Monday. Anxious people can't be creative.

In today's current era we often celebrate overwork and people working long hours. 40 hours of work a week is enough work for the week. Use your weekends and evenings as times to re-energise yourself so when you get back to your desk on a Monday morning you are more than ready to take on the new week.

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