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Mastering Online Learning



Traditional learning versus online learning differs greatly. Students that enjoy face-to-face immediate interaction and feedback may not find e-learning beneficial. While traditional students get to engage and interact with their classmates and teachers, online students learn in an asynchronous way and less interaction occurs with others. 

Mastering online learning

#Independent learning:
Online students have a great deal of independence as they take responsibility for their learning process. They need a high level of self-control as the communication style is not direct and the responses are not immediate. 

A typical week for online students may include:

  • Reading through the current weeks learning material and assignments
  • Reading through textbooks and identifying the main points
  • Completing assignments and tasks by a specific deadline 
  • Discussion-based lessons through a specific platform example; Google Classroom

A successful online student must be self-disciplined and highly motivated to achieve their goals. Online classes move quite quickly and students need to ensure that they do not fall behind and complete their tasks and assignments timeously. 

#Drawing up a schedule:
Online students need to ensure they are well organised and meet their deadlines on time. One way of doing this is by preparing their week ahead of time by setting up a detailed schedule and determining how long it will take to achieve and execute these tasks. 

There needs to be a level of respect when it comes to engaging in an online environment. Online students need to always ensure that they are communicating respectfully with each other. They also need to respect each other's views and opinions when collaborating and sharing information with one another. 

#Take responsibility for your own learning process:
As mentioned before, e-learning and traditional learning are different in so many ways. Online students need to bear in mind that there will be no one following -up or monitoring their everyday learning. There is a great deal of flexibility and students need to ensure that their learning takes priority. 

With all the above-mentioned tips, becoming a successful online student takes a lot of dedication, commitment, and having a sense of control over your time. If all of these steps are taken into consideration, you will be guaranteed to flourish and achieve your desired academic results.


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