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Perfect your body language in your next interview


Does your body language communicate honesty and confidence? Not sure? Find out what you're saying through your non-verbal cues.

If you are struggling to land a job your non-verbal communication might be the cause.

In the video '7 body language tips to impress at your next job interview' you'll learn what your body movements really say about you and how to bring the right message across without saying a word.

Follow these tips to ace your next interview:

Adopt an open posture

Folded arms or legs can communicate defensiveness. If you want to make a good first impression sit up and lean slightly forward while talking. This shows that you are engaged and enthusiastic about the conversation.

Stay calm

If you move around a lot or fidget you are going to appear "anxious and nervous". This could demonstrate a lack of confidence. Maintain a relaxed atmosphere during the interview by breathing deeply. This practice will help to slow your heart rate and make you feel less stressed.

Use your hands correctly

"Keep your hand gestures steady and only to emphasize a point." When you talk with your palms facing up it signifies that you are honest and trustworthy. Avoid clasping your hands as it can be interpreted as a sign of self comfort.

Maintain good eye contact

Staring at your interviewer can create awkwardness. However avoiding their gaze could also come across as shifty and unreliable. It is important to find a balance and maintain positive eye contact throughout the meeting. Do this by looking at different points on the interviewer's face.

Avoid dishonest gestures

Touching your ear, nose or mouth can be a signal of dishonest communication. Even though you may be speaking truthfully these movements can be misconstrued by the interviewer, so avoid touching your face when answering questions.

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