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Questions To Ask Your Interviewer



Most graduates and young adults often feel intimidated and nervous when it comes to a job interview. We often overthink our response when it comes to answering a specific question and this has an effect on your self-confidence. An interview is merely a one-on-one conversation that is conducted with the employer and candidate. Interviews are not always structured and formal; it depends on the position that you are interviewed for. There are no right or wrong answers when being asked a question, it is how you interpret the question and your answer will flow automatically. 

Here are some of the questions to ask during an interview:

  • What are the responsibilities would I need to fulfill on a day-to-day basis?
  • What are the requirements and expectations of the role?
  • What is the culture-fit of the organisation?
  • What are the company’s values? 
  • Is there potential growth in this specific role? 
  • How urgent is this position? 
  • Who will I report to within this position?
  • What is the most challenging part of this role? 
  • Is the position internal or external?
  • How is one evaluated for the role?

Interview winner tips:

  • Do research about the company (values/ what type of service they offer) 
  • Know your CV (start/ end dates, reason for leaving and explaining any gaps in your CV) 
  • Always dress professionally and arrive 10-15 minutes early in case any documentation needs to be completed 
  • Make a good first impression and be professional as possible 
  • Try and sell yourself and explain to the interviewer why you would be suited for the position
  • Highlight your strengths 
  • Listen attentively to the question before answering 
  • Body language is important, be confident, maintain eye contact and be positive 
  • Lasty, thank the interviewer for their time and what the feedback process will be like

Interview tips to avoid:

  • Do not arrive late
  • Do not lie on your CV 
  • Do not answer your cell phone during the interview (turn it off or put it on silent) 
  • Do not chew a sweet or gum as it is a distraction 
  • Do not show up unprepared for the interview 
  • Do not take the control of the interview or be overly confident/ arrogant 
  • Avoid controversial or political topics
  • Do not speak too much about salary or money 
  • Try and avoid going off topic and answering only the questions asked 

Being prepared for an interview is very important as it increases and boosts your self-confidence and you have a greater sense of control of what to expect during the interview process.



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Most graduates and young adults often feel intimidated and nervous when it comes to a job interview.

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