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Questions you should never ask in an interview


Asking questions in an interview can be a positive sign to future employers, however the wrong questions could ruin your chances of landing the job.

So how do you know if your questions are inappropriate?

In the video 'NEVER Ask These Questions in a Job Interview' career coach Don Georgevich helps job seekers understand what to say and, more importantly, what not to say in their next interview.

Avoid ME-type questions

The general rule of thumb is to stay away from me-type questions.

"These are questions that appear to put your needs before the employer." They focus on what you can get from the company.

Even though your satisfaction at work is important you should approach sensitive topics with caution and wisdom.

Before you are ask a question, ask yourself what the question might say about you. Here are some examples:

Do I get my own office?

This could imply that you are more concerned with your own comfort and image rather than the work itself.

Will you monitor my social networking profiles?

Employers may assume that you plan to spend all your time on social media platforms and neglect your work.

Will I get any benefits?

This question moves the focus from your contribution to your reward which could be negatively perceived by a prospective employer.

Are you strict about working hours?

This question could characterize you as a slacker and a latecomer. Don't ask this question unless the employer raises the subject of flexi-time.

Even though some of these questions are founded on legitimate concerns you should wait to receive an offer of employment before you ask them. Remember that people don't know your motives yet so steer clear of these questions to avoid misunderstands.

A job interview is your opportunity to show the employer that you want to add value to the company, so make that your focus when you enter the room.

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