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Reasons Why You Should Study Economics


Economics is one of those career choices many people under value. Here are three great reasons why you should study economics.

Economics majors easily find jobs upon graduating from university as the degree provides important problem-solving skills that are highly valued in the workplace. With this comes a higher salary and potential to work your way up in the workplace quickly.

Economics is interesting. It will teach you a new way to view the world. Economists analyse, monitor and understand how the costs of today's world turn and impact us all on both a small and a large scale. For example, studying economics can help explain why a diamond cost so much more than water yet water is necessary for our survival. They are also able to identify and explain why some countries are so rich while others are so poor.

Economics can help us evaluate policies that are designed to resolve inequality in the world.

Economics at its core, is the study of decision making which means it can support careers in finance, economics, management, entrepreneurship as well as other surprising career choices.

So what should you be looking forward to when studying an economics degree?

  • Seek accomplished professors who are at the cutting edge of their field.
  • Open yourself up to new experiences. For example, study abroad in foreign markets.
  • Finally choose a program where you can engage with faculty who will take an active interest in your educational development.