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Side Hustle Ideas: How To Make Extra Money


Who doesn't enjoy making some extra money, especially if it is doing something you enjoy right. We have compiled a list of side hustle ideas that are not only easy ways for you to make money, but they are fun too.

These are jobs you can do after hours or over the weekend and best of all, you can keep your full time opportunity while doing these.

Become a Makeup Artist

If beauty and makeup is your thing then this side hustle idea is for you. You can start off by making a few hundreds in the first few months and quickly begin raising your prices and even doing exculsive events such as weddings.

Become a Photographer

If you've got a camera at home and you enjoy taking pictures, start small and charge people to take pictures of them. 

Do Website Building and Designing

Start off designing 1-3 page webistes and slowly work your way up. Experienced designers charge between R5000 to R20 000 per webiste so this is definitely a great way to make money.

Do Youtubing

You can make a lot of money from YouTube if it is something that you're passionate about. This requires abit more patience as you need to grow your audience but once you tak off, there is no turning back. 

Become an Uberdriver

Uber driving is easy and a great side hustle.

Do Social Media Managing

A social media manager approaches companies that are not active on social media and give them a very proposition. Let them know that you are willing to grow their social media platforms and assist in helping thei business grow and get exposure. Make sure that you are good at what you do.