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Tips To Succeed As An Online Student



Having all the freedom to study online is nice, but this might make it difficult to focus and start studying. When learning online you need to become a self-directed learner.

To make the most of it here are some tips to get you started:

Tip #1

First read through the syllabus before you start. Make sure you understand the course by reading the syllabus, how marks are allocated and the resources recommend or provided.

Tip #2

Plan your study time. Fit the course into your activities. Plan weekly study times in your calendar and tell your friends and family not to disturb you. Make sure to visit the course at least once a day instead of binge watching all the videos in one go. This will help you retain information better and feel engaged.

Tip #3

Actively participate in the course. Connect with fellow students by joining in the conversation and asking and answering questions in the discussion forum.

Tip #4

Find many ways to collaborate like joining a study group, uploading answers you really liked or you are unsure of and need help with, or sharing material you created for the course. A successful learner contributes and does not just take in the information given.

Here's how to participate in a good manner:

  • An academic informed debate is respectful of each other's arguments using civil discourse
  • Avoid negativity such as stereotyping, discrimination or inflammatory remarks
  • Give some thought to your arguments 
  • Cite evidence such as sources and data to support your arguments
  • Make sure you follow personal online safety rules and do not share out personal details such as your email address or phone number

Now you are ready to start online learning. Goodluck!


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