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Top Tips to Avoid Job Scams


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Job scams are increasingly becoming more common due to our high unemployment rate.

There are many desperate job seekers hunting for work. These naive people often fall prey to false promises made by sneaky scammers.

It is so hard these days to tell whether a particular person, job or company is legitimate.

Prospective job seekers must therefore apply caution when applying for vacancies advertised on free online classifieds.

Don't be so easily fooled. If in doubt trust your common sense and intuition.

When something seems just too dodgy then trust that old adage: “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is!”

Top Tips for Staying Safe:


Investigate the company thoroughly beforehand from independent resources.

Ask around; speak to previous and current employees to confirm the company is trustworthy. Chat to various people who have done business with them before.

Always check authenticity to make sure the company has a reputable reputation.

Be Careful When Using Classifieds:

Don’t be fooled by outrageous ‘get rich quick’ schemes guaranteeing you employment or a high salary.

Watch out for entry-level jobs which say you can earn lots of money fast with “no experience or skills necessary”.

Beware of advertisements which don’t specify job duties and don’t require you to send a CV. Employers are seeking prospective employees with specific skills, knowledge and education.

Information Theft:

Fraudsters often pose as hiring companies or recruiters. Applicants are directed to a website where they submit personal details such as an identity or bank account number.

This information is used by phishers in identity theft or to steal money from the applicant.

No Money:

Never ever pay any money or provide your bank account details when applying for a job!

Meet Face-to-Face:

Don't deal with prospective employers solely online, via email, SMS, phone calls etc without having met them.

Arrange to meet your prospective employers in real life.

Always tell a friend or family member where you are going. Better yet, ask him/her to come with you.

Latest Scam:

The most recent employment scam is seeking staff for a luxury hotel in London.

The fraudsters posted fake job adverts on Gumtree and OLX.

Positions for cleaners, cashiers, guest relations assistants, receptionists, or Afrikaans to English translators were offered.

A fraudster posed as a HR head at the hotel. Applicants were informed that they had got the position without having undergone any prior interview process.

But the One Aldwych Hotel has since dismissed this as a scam.

The hotel has issued a warning on its website: “Please know that we pride ourselves on our professional recruitment process, which includes interviews and appropriate professional verification.

We do not make job offers or ask you to disclose personal information or send any money prior to this process.”

Many fraudsters out there are involved in human trafficking rings, money laundering or identity theft. Make yourself aware of common cons.

Forewarned is forearmed. Never accept any person or information at face value.

Be safe!

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