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Top Tips When Searching for Your Dream Job


Are you unemployed and looking for a new job? Here are our top four tips to help you in your search.

1. Research

Go to your local library or surf the web to find out about possible career choices.

Choose the top five companies you want to work for. Visit the homepages of these potential companies to help clarify if the company is right for you.

Sign up for email alerts for online job boards and companies to quickly receive an update when your dream position at the company is available.

Stay updated on job opportunities, trends and industry news. Follow employees, industry leaders and mentors from your favourite company on social media.

You can also sign up for email newsletters to keep you informed about industry trends and news to become a knowledgeable expert in your chosen career field.

2. Update your CV

Revise and update your CV to tailor make it according to a specific job position. Don’t apply for a job you aren’t qualified for or lie on your CV about your skills.

3. Network, network, network!

These days it’s not only about what you know it’s also about who you know. Be friendly and build relationships with everyone you meet. Who knows even acquaintances can supply a valuable reference for you for a specific job.

Follow social media accounts and blogs of managers, CEO’s, entrepreneurs, recruiters and industry leaders to keep you in the know.

Find a mentor or role model. Get their contact details. Then send them a friendly email asking for advice about your chosen position or career field.

Attend networking events to meet new people in your chosen career field.

4. Be proactive!

Getting your dream job won’t happen instantly so go out and make it happen! Be in control and take command of your career.

Get a temporary or part time job during the Summer/Winter holidays. Volunteer at charities and NGOs. Write a blog about whatever interests you.

Do temporary or freelance work on contract. Many employers today are hiring freelancers on temporary contracts for new projects instead of permanent employees.

Get in touch and send your CV to recruitment agencies and potential employers. Good luck!


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