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Video Interviewing Tips



We have compiled a list of video interviewing tips for job seekers when it comes time for the interview.

Tip #1 - Be Punctual

Set up early and give yourself some extra time in case you run into some technical issues. 

Tip #2 - Remove All Distractions

Be sure that your pets and all other distractions are put away. Let your family and friends know when you'll be recording so they don't interrupt your video and don't forget to turn off or silence your phone to avoid any surprise notifications.

Tip #3 - Clean Up

The way that you dress can be different  from job to job. Make sure that you've taken a look at the company culture, check out their About Us page to learn a little more about them too and also don't wear too bright of colors or too extravagant patterns and please make sure that you clean up the area that you're going to be interviewing in.

Tip #4 - Settle Down

Prepare for commonly asked questions so you are not caught off guard. Avoid consuming large amounts of caffeine or you may appear jittery or nervous for the live interview. Make sure you've prepared your own questions to show you've done your research. This little extra effort will let the company know that you're very interested in working for them.

Tip #5 - Prepare The Setting

Location is everything. Don't record in a dim room or in front of a window.

Tip #6 - Know What You Need

Now that you're prepared and looking your best it is important to do some technical preperation work as well. Be sure your microphone and webcam are ready to go.

Tip #7 - Speak Clearly

Announciate your words and keep your tone light and friendly. Also make sure there are no distractions in the background like a TV or music so you can be heard more clearly.

Tip #8 - Be Aware Of Non-Verbal Cues

It is extremely important that your verbal and nonverbal communication is on point. Be sure you make strong eye contact, sit up straight to show professionalism and confidence, be positive and don't exaggerate your credentials or bad talk previous employment.

Tip #9 - Be True To You

Being honest in a job interview shows a lot about the type of person you are and the type of employee that you'll be. Being realistic about what you can and cannot do on the job is beneficial to you in the long run. Above all else just breathe and relax.

Tip #10 - Send A Follow-Up Email To Employer

Many first-time video interviewers forget to send out a thank-you letter or email after they've completed their interview. This is a part of your potential employers hiring process so be sure you thank them for their time. 

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