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Virtual Meetings: Pros and Cons


Virtual meetings are quickly becoming a trend of the future. Let us look at the pros and cons of virtual meetings.


Are your meetings mostly done in a face-to-face setting or are you used to virtual meetings with participants coming from different parts of the world and distant locations? Virtual meetings are here to stay.

There are many benefits in holding virtual meetings.

  1. Eliminating travel is one of the biggest reason for organizations to hold virtual meetings - they can save on money and time related to travels.
  2. It also reduces the stress of traveling.
  3. People can have quick access to their home office and start working without wasting time.
  4. Virtual meetings present a neutral environment. 
  5. Technology is advancing all the time making virtual meetings easier and easier to achieve so you can really hold virtual meetings anywhere, anytime.


On the flip side, many people don't like virtual meetings because:

  1. They are less personal and often there is no facial or body cues to give you a sense of what's going on in somebody's mind.
  2. In virtual meetings is very easy for people to get distracted. Undetected they could be checking their emails daydreaming or doing other work during the meeting.
  3. Despite advanced technology today, technical glitches are unavoidable. They could be caused by user unfamiliarity, equipment malfunction or inconsistent internet connections. Regardless, when technical failure occurs the focus inevitably shifts to the technical problems instead of the topics at hand.
  4. Occasionally is hard to get everybody you want to come to the virtual meeting because of different time zones. 

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