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What is the Best Job in the World?

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An Australian series is searching for the best job in the world. What would it be? Is it a VIP socialite attending exclusive events? Is it a taster of gourmet cuisine? Or, is it an adventurer in the wilderness?

Each of the 7 winning contestants swapped their day jobs for one of the ‘Best Jobs in the World'.

The top jobs are:

• ‘Outback Adventurer’in Australia’s Northern Territory
• ‘Chief Funster’ in New South Wales
• ‘High Flyer’
• ‘Park Ranger’in Queensland
• ‘Wildlife Caretaker’ in South Australia
• ‘Taste Master’in Western Australia
• ‘Lifestyle Photographer’in Melbourne

The 7 finalists are:

• Allan Dixon from Ireland ;
• Andrew Smith from USA;
• Cameron Ernst from USA ;
• Elisa Detrez from France;
• Greg Snell from Canada ;
• Rich Keam from UK and
• Roberta Seba from Brazil.

Each contestant will escape the rat race for 6 months to head Down Under.

Using video and photo blogs, social media channels and celebrity support these contestants will promote Australian Tourism’s Working Holiday Visa programme.

During the first campaign in 2009, Briton Ben Southall was chosen to be a caretaker on idyllic Hamilton Island near the Great Barrier Reef.

Now he has handed over the role as ‘Park Ranger’ to Frenchwoman Elisa Detrez.

She will patrol the sub-tropical beaches of the Sunshine State. Explore Queensland’s lush rainforest. Snorkel among the colourful coral and fishes of the Great Barrier Reef.

Elisa will do all this while creating awareness of Australia’s rich bio-diversity of native fauna and flora.

Meanwhile, Andrew Smith will become New South Wales’ ‘Chief Funster’.

He will commentate about fancy functions, events, festivals and VIP-only parties, such as Sydney Harbour's New Year's Eve fireworks.

British foodie Rich Keam will be ‘Taste Master’, promoting Western Australia’s best produce.

He will eat the freshest local produce at gourmet restaurants; drink fine wine and visit boutique breweries.

Roberto Seba, a Brazzilian, will be Melbourne’s new ‘Lifestyle Photographer’.

He will shoot photographs on anything from art museums , restaurants, theatre to music festivals, sport and outdoor scenes for trendy TimeOut magazine.

Irishman Allan Dixon will be an ‘Outback Adventurer’. He will explore Australia’s Northern Territory interacting with indigenous cultures and wildlife.

Greg Snell, a Canadian, will be South Australia’s ‘Wildlife Caretaker’.

He will work with local tour operators to promote eco-tourism in the area. From shark cage diving with Great Whites to swimming with sea lions and dolphins.

Greg will care for all sorts of unique wildlife from kangaroos, penguins and pythons, to wallabies, echinas and koalas.

While frequent ‘High Flyer’ Cameron Ernst will rate the country’s customer service experiences as he frequently travels aboard Virgin Australia airline.

See the official 2013 advert for Australia's “Best Jobs in the World” here:

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