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What Employers Seek For When Hiring New Graduates



Many graduates entering the job market often have a sense of feeling overwhelmed when stepping out into the corporate world. There are many questions that often run through the minds of first time job-seekers as they are not sure what to expect. Hiring managers do not expect graduates to have the professional experience but they can demonstrate how they can be of value to the company by demonstrating their understanding of the skills required for the job market. 

What skills do employers seek in recent graduates?

Every career industry requires a unique set of skills and experience. Here is a list of skills which employers seek in graduates.

Problem-solving skills - Many hiring managers want to see how graduates are able to demonstrate their problem solving skills. They often ask questions like “tell me a time when you dealt with a difficult customer” and based on the answer they will assess the candidate's ability to resolve any challenges or issues. Graduates do not need to have the experience but rather use your initiative to identify the problem and find a solution to resolve it. 

Ability to work in a team - Although many people enjoy working independently, there are many times a company wants someone that can work alongside a team.Hiring managers want to know how well you can collaborate in a team and deal with different personalities and opinions. 

Communication skills - Excellent communication skills is always the top priority in any company. Communication is important as it sets the tone for how people perceive your message and helps build a good working relationship with your co-workers. 

Taking initiative - Hiring managers know that young people are creative, intuitive and have the ability to bring about change. Managers want graduates that do not need to be micromanaged or spoon fed. They seek young individuals that can use their initiative and take a proactive approach should an issue occur. 

Detailed-orientated - Hiring managers seek graduates that are meticulous as there is little room for errors to occur. This means that your CV must be impeccable with no grammatical errors and must be well structured. 

Hard working - Managers seek individuals that are hardworking, reliable and trustworthy. As a graduate gaining experience means that you should not shy away from any challenges and try to take on as much as possible to broaden your level of expertise. 

Time management - Every company has their own deadline date as to when tasks must be completed. As a graduate, it is important to have excellent time management skills by ensuring that you complete tasks before a given due date. It is important to prioritise your tasks and determine how long it will take you to complete the given task before the due date. 

Adaptability - Every company has its own unique culture. As a recent graduate, you will be exposed to different people and working styles that may be different to your approach. Graduates must be open-minded in learning and trying new methods to perform their tasks is an essential aspect. 

As a graduate it's important to highlight your soft skills and technical abilities on your CV. Graduates need to ensure that they include any internships or specialised training they received during their studies as hiring managers want to see how you can apply your knowledge and skills in the workplace. 


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