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Author: Terrique Faro

I am an enthusiastic writer that enjoys writing content of value and interest. I always try to build relationships between myself and the reader - virtually. I can usually be found reading a book, writing content or brainstorming ways to change the world positively. Writing a novel was always on my bucket list, and eventually, I will make this dream a reality. I live in Cape Town, South Africa and personally believe my city is one of the most picturesque scenes ever!

Top 5 Skills That Are Essential In The Workforce Now And Beyond

What are the top five job skills every company will be looking for in 2022 and beyond? 

Emotional intelligence

This is something that organizations have been looking for in job applicants and it is becoming more and more important. Our ability to understand our own emotions, express them, understand someone else's emotions is something everyone should be focusing on.

Phone Interviewing Tips - What To Do Before, During And After

We are going to walk you through what to do before, during, and after the phone interview to make sure that you get through to the next phase of your interview. You'll know what to do beforehand, what you're supposed to be doing while the interviewer is talking, and you can't miss the key step that you need to take after the interview has ended.

Blockchain VS Cryptocurrency: What Are They?

Have you heard the term blockchain and crypto currencies used around lately and now you're wondering what are these?. Blockchains and crypto go hand in hand with one another but they do have some big differences.

Blockchain developed from chain of blocks and cryptocurrency is a cryptographic currency but the fundamental difference between these two concepts has to do with how distributed ledger technology is used.

What is a blockchain?

The Importance Of Having Reliable References On Your CV

A reference refers to a former manager or supervisor that speaks about your work experience, working habits, character and skills. It is important to choose your referees carefully as those professional connections are the ones that attest to your qualifications of the job. References are an important factor for recruitment purposes as hiring managers / recruiters validates what is on your CV. 

Potential questions that hiring managers might ask your referee:

How To Be A Successful Candidate For A Hiring Position

For many graduates, this can be an exciting time ahead as you celebrate all your achievements and accomplishments. Since you spent most of your time and efforts into completing your degree, you now have to prepare for your future that lies ahead. This can often be an overwhelming yet scary time as a graduate because you are now entering into the job market.

How To Write A Comprehensive CV

A curriculum vitae is short for CV which is a document that highlights your academic achievements and working experiences. It is a personal marketing document that is used to sell yourself to future potential employers. A typical CV includes your skill set, academic achievement, short courses completed and your overall working experience. Everyone’s CV may differ as every individual has their own unique journey of experiences. 

Guide To Managing Your Time

Since most of our waking hours are spent working towards our goals and achievements, having a good understanding of time will allow you to master it and accomplish more in less time and not only this but it will
improve other aspects of our lives as well. 

Here are 10 tips to manage your time better.



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