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Terrique Alie

I am an enthusiastic writer that enjoys writing content of value and interest. I always try to build relationships between myself and the reader - virtually. I can usually be found reading a book, writing content or brainstorming ways to change the world positively. Writing a novel was always on my bucket list, and eventually, I will make this dream a reality. I live in Cape Town, South Africa and personally believe my city is one of the most picturesque scenes ever!

What Is A Tax Clearance Certificate?

A tax clearance certificate is issued by the South African Revenue Services (SARS) to certify that your entity is tax compliant. In other words, that all your taxes are up to date.

Your tax compliance can change within a matter of months. In 2019, SARS stopped issuing paper-based tax clearance certificates which were valid for a year and they introduced an updated validation system
called a tax compliance status. It has the same requirements but the compliance status is verified continuously throughout the year and the process is much quicker.

Tips On How To Negotiate Your Salary Or A Raise

We give you 6 tips that will help you to negotiate a higher salary for yourself. Whether you've just been given a new job offer or you're wanting to ask for a raise, if you know that you deserve more than what you're currently getting, you definitely want to use the following tips when negotiating your salary.

How To Draw Up An Effective Budget Plan

For many students, it can be quite challenging to maintain and stick to a budget plan. Budgeting allows you to forecast how much money you are planning to spend. One of the advantages of planning your budget is that it determines whether or not you will have enough money to fulfill your needs and wants. Budgeting is important financial stability which ensures that you are able to pay off things like your tuition fees, accommodation, textbooks, or student loans. Following your budget plan ensures that you do not land up in debt.

Benefit Of Saving For Pension When You Are Young

There are a number of benefits to saving for your retirement from a young age. The earlier you start saving, the more you'll have to support you in retirement because your money will be invested for longer giving your pension fund more time to grow in value. If you save into a workplace pension your employer will also contribute to your pension fund.

Most people benefit from tax relief - this means more than what you're saving directly goes into your pension fund, so even a small amount from a young age can make a big difference to your pension.

What Employers Seek For When Hiring New Graduates

Many graduates entering the job market often have a sense of feeling overwhelmed when stepping out into the corporate world. There are many questions that often run through the minds of first time job-seekers as they are not sure what to expect. Hiring managers do not expect graduates to have the professional experience but they can demonstrate how they can be of value to the company by demonstrating their understanding of the skills required for the job market. 

What skills do employers seek in recent graduates?

Top 5 Skills That Are Essential In The Workforce Now And Beyond

What are the top five job skills every company will be looking for in 2020 and beyond? 

Emotional intelligence

This is something that organizations have been looking for in job applicants and it is becoming more and more important. Our ability to understand our own emotions, express them, understand someone else's emotions is something everyone should be focusing on.

How To Keep Millenials Inspired In The Workplace

As a young employee, it is important to find a working environment where you are able to showcase your talents and grow as an individual. Creating an environment centered around mutual respect and understanding is important for millennials, especially in this ever-changing 21st century. 

Tips to inspire millennials in the workplace:

Explain the company’s vision

How To Maintain Your Networking Relationships

Networking is the process of interacting and exchanging information with others and developing professional relationships to help further your career. Without us knowing, there are a lot of potential contacts everywhere, and networking with these prospects can be beneficial for your career. The importance of networking allows you to access job opportunities that you are not able to find on your own. Networking has the potential to provide you with a thorough insight into a specific role, what the requirements are, and advice on how to improve yourself professionally.

Mastering Online Learning

Traditional learning versus online learning differs greatly. Students that enjoy face-to-face immediate interaction and feedback may not find e-learning beneficial. While traditional students get to engage and interact with their classmates and teachers, online students learn in an asynchronous way and less interaction occurs with others. 



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