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Terrique Alie

I am an enthusiastic writer that enjoys writing content of value and interest. I always try to build relationships between myself and the reader - virtually. I can usually be found reading a book, writing content or brainstorming ways to change the world positively. Writing a novel was always on my bucket list, and eventually, I will make this dream a reality. I live in Cape Town, South Africa and personally believe my city is one of the most picturesque scenes ever!

UIF Benefits Explained In Summary

We can really dive into UIF and create many articles on what it is, how to claim UIF, who qualifies and much more, however we have summarised some of the important points to note.

The Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) gives short-term relief to workers when they become unemployed or are unable to work because of maternity, adoption leave, or illness. 

Our Top Quotes To Help You Stay Motivated

Everyone struggles with staying motivated and reaching their goals, it is normal. However, add extra distractions like kids running around, a house full of durty laundry, constant fatique and a deadly pandemic to this pressure and things can quickly lead you to loosing focus, interest and motivation. The reality is that refocusing, changing, or making a new start on something, no matter how small, is a big deal. With the right approach, you can definitely do it.

Importance Of Controlling Your Online Reputation

Not everyone knows about the importance of looking after your online reputation or image. Nowadays, your online reputation is what recruiters or hiring managers look at to get a true feeling of who you really are. They check out how you engage on social media, who your friends are, your photos, your personality online and so much more.

FREE Meditation Classes For Self-Development

There are many benefits of self meditation. Like everything else we do, meditation rewires our neural circuits, pruning away the least used connections and strengthening the ones we exercise most. Meditation challenges people to keep their attention fixed on the thoughts and sensations in the present moment. Meditation has been around for thousands of years. It’s often seen as a spiritual practice, so it can be difficult to think of it as something with proven, health benefits.

Self-Development During Quarantine

Self isolation or quarantine is something manyof us have had to adjust to. Now that we are adapted, how are we keeping busy and most importantly, how are we using our time wisely for self development.

We have a couple of different ways that you can stay sane during this quarantine and maybe even come out of this whole experience a little bit stronger.

How To Take Great Notes - Note-Taking Basics

Note-taking with a laptop may seem convenient, but research has shown that taking notes by hand significantly improves learning ability. 

Color code your notes
Using different colors will help you visually separate concepts. This will also make your notes more interesting and memorable. You can use things like gel pens, roll ups, highlighters or khoki's to make your notes stand outand give it colour. You can also use different colour sticky's to incorporate colour into your notes.

How To Create A Productive Workspace

You can becme easily distracted if your workspace is distracting. Here are a few of your tips on how to create a productive workspace.

Tip #1

If it's possible within the space you have, choose one space that's dedicated only to working. This way your mind will associate the spot with studying, doing work or just focusing in general. That way it'll be easier for you to slip into the focused mindset whenever you sit down in that dedicated space.

Tip #2

How To Apply For Unemployment During The Coronavirus

South Africa has seen an increase in people applying for unemployment benefits as the coronavirus pandemic continues to force layoffs nationwide.

If you lose your job, file for unemployment immediately. The Western Cape Government website is a good place to start. It lists all the requirements for figuring out whether you qualify for Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) benefits, how you can register for UIF and much more.



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