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Embedded Design Engineer


Job & Company Description:

  • Derive requirements for the board or chip level
  • Design electronics to meet the requirements, using good engineering practices
  • Define internal interfaces between parts of the electronics
  • Consider system aspects that may affect the electronics, including noise and power distribution.
  • Implement the design in hardware
  • Implement the design in firmware and software
  • Test the hardware; Implement corrections as necessary
  • Generation of production data packs
  • Generation of product support documentation
  • Maintenance in existing products in terms of software changes, PCB updates, firmware changes and generation of documentation
  • Simulations of the design at various levels
  • Production assistance
  • Client assistance
  • Installation assistance
  • Derive requirements for the complex electronics
  • Ensure external interfaces match the specification, including voltage level and timing.
  • Synthesize, place and route, etc. the design
  • Program the complex electronics
  • Test the final hardware; Implement corrections as necessary
  • Perform system safety analyses
  • Identify if complex electronics can cause a hazard or are part of a hazard control
  • Ensure that design errors in complex electronics are considered as a failure mode
  • Provide safety guidance to system designers
  • Verify safety features and controls are successfully implemented
  • Identify safety verifications required, including for complex electronics
  • Assess tools used to design and implement complex electronics for safety impacts
  • Review subsystem requirements for proper decomposition from system requirements
  • Review design to verify requirements implemented, good engineering design practices followed
  • Assess implementation against the requirements and design
  • Ensure development and supporting processes (e.g. Configuration Management, ESD) are in place and followed
  • Review choice of parts; Provide guidance on preferred parts
  • Ensure electronics are assembled/manufactured to acceptable standards
  • Perform or witness testing at various system and subsystem levels
  • Ensure all requirements are adequately verified
  • Ensure software tools used for complex electronic design and programming are archived and controlled
  • Ensure complex electronic designs are captured in the Configuration Management system
  • Ensure changes to complex electronic designs are reviewed, evaluated for impacts, and approved
  • Provide official builds for formal programming/test
  • Ensure problem reporting, tracking, and corrective action occur for the system, including complex electronics



BEng Electronic Engineering or BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering OR BEng Computer-Electronic

Job Experience & Skills Required:

  • 1-3 years experience working on electronic design in the Hardware, Software, and Firmware
  • Mining exposure would be an advantage


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300000 Annually


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