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Executive Cluster Manager : Manufacturing



Our client has a vacancy for an Executive Manager in the Manufacturing Cluster within the Mining, Manufacturing, Defence and Security Division, based in Pretoria.


The incumbent will be responsible to drive leadership, strategy development and implementation for the Manufacturing cluster, in line with the Company Strategy, to achieve, among other targets, the following:

Optimum alignment of the core capabilities of the cluster with designated or relevant industries (in line with Company Strategy and Mandate) that lead to high impact business opportunities in the form of commercialization of technologies, improvement of industrialization systems, services, strategic relationships and collaborations that translate into sustainable business for the Cluster.

Attain strategic partner status with key Manufacturing enterprises, private sector bodies and public sector entities that enable or drive industrial rejuvenation, creation of new industries and growth of the manufacturing sector in designated industries as determined by the Company with the condition that these increase sustainability of the Cluster.

Operational effectiveness of the Cluster underpinned by consistent performance management, good corporate governance as articulated through relevant dynamic legal framework, proactive compliance to SHEQ rules and regulations, living the Company values and persistent drive to attain the Company Vision through the Mission.

Sustained profitability and growth of the cluster while meeting or exceeding key performance indicators that contribute towards the Company''s shareholder impact.

Create of the research, development and innovation ecosystem with the required expertise, infrastructure, industry relevant know-how and other attributes that give rise to the cluster becoming a vibrant ecosystem that produces marketable innovative solutions, industrialised technologies and increased royalty income, among other success factors. About the Manufacturing Domain: Advanced discrete/assembled product industries such as Aerospace, Automotive, Electrotechnical, Medical devices and equipment, Industrial Machinery, and others. Engineered Materials, 4IR enabled manufacturing processes and manufacturing equipment, Future Production Systems, 4IR based SS-F-HR-363 REV08 Advert template business unit/competency area industry transformation, supply chain integration, external and internal logistics, end-to-end digital engineering, Product Life Management (PLM), product development and concurrent engineering.


Key Responsibilities:

Lead the domain cluster;

Lead strategy development and implementation of all cluster strategies, business development and commercialisation, operations and programmes;

Ensure financial sustainability by being accountable for Cluster revenue, profit and loss and income stream diversification as per agreed targets;

Drive investment in strategic capabilities of Cluster for current and future competitiveness;

Accountable for tracking delivery of Cluster programmes against key milestone and mitigate in case of shortfall (budget / cost / capacity);

Accountable for risk management, implementation of effective financial and non-financial controls within the cluster;

Internal and external stakeholder engagement and communication / relations;

Establish RD&I programs that impact most effectively and efficiently on the biggest opportunities (and bottlenecks) for industrial development and competitiveness improvement in Clusters target industries, and the related capabilities. Qualifications, experience and skills:

A Masters Degree in a manufacturing related engineering qualification (mechanical, industrial, electronics, and mechatronics);

A Doctoral degree would be an added advantage;

Business Management qualification will be an added advantage;

At least eight years senior management experience in manufacturing research, development innovation (RDI) and commercialisation in industry or leading Research and Technology Organisation (RTO);

Demonstrated track record of strategy development and implementation in manufacturing;

Demonstrated business development and commercialisation in the manufacturing sector;

Demonstrated application of a systems approach in manufacturing;

Demonstrated experience of modernisation, digitisation of factories and manufacturing processes exploiting 4IR technology opportunities;

Deep manufacturing industry experience;

Demonstrated experience in advanced materials, parts fabrication, assemblies, product development, factory optimisation, supply chain optimisation;

Demonstrated experience of people management, project management and organisational development;

Proven track record of managing minimum annual budget of R100 million linked to RDI initiatives in industry or leading RTO;

Proven track record of successful IP commercialisation;

Excellent communicator with strong business acumen;

Evidence of high-level industry engagement and stakeholder management, manufacturing related networks;

4IR challenges and opportunities for RSA industry;

Strategic Partnership Development;

Deep understanding of industry needs, challenges;

Understanding of the National System of Innovation as relevant to Manufacturing Industries.


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