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Junior Utilities Analyst


Utilities Recovery and Budget Support

Assist with the acquisition and analysis of individual tenant utility load profiles

Forecast future usage and budget accordingly (keeping tariff changes in mind)

Provide input on and help monitor the Utilities budget with the Utilities Analyst


Utilities Analysis & Reporting

Bill and recover utilities from tenants, including water usage, sewerage, electrical consumption as well as thermal energy consumption:

Gather and compile the data to form a summary budget forecast for water, sewerage, thermal energy and electricity costs annually with the Utilities Analyst

Check variance analysis of service provider consumption reports to identify over or under charges prior to tenant statements being issued

Identify and investigate potential anomalies from utilities data, and escalate resolutions to minimize negative impact on tenants and the business

Validate Council bills to ensure the establishment is correctly metered and correct tariffs applied

Validate service provider consumption reports to ensure meter readings are right and tariffs correctly applied

Provide data collection support to external service providers of meter reading and utility invoicing services

Prevent errors in charges to tenants and distribute requests to internal departments to obtain necessary data

Monitor unusual consumption and investigate/mitigate in collaboration with the Utilities Analyst

Provide support and advice where disputes regarding metering and expenditure arise

Liaise closely with finance to ensure up to date lists of building occupants, floor sizes, tenant names and lease periods

Support the Utilities Analyst with the preparation and reporting of utilities, billing and recovery for monthly meetings

Collaboratively maintain real-time reports showing tenant consumption for input into Utilities Dashboard

Update and prepare monthly consumption reports as and when requested by tenants or finance

Update tenant movements schedule with latest tenant changes 

Assist with the preparation of data for annual audits as/when required for Environment Management System

Supply meter readings and apply applicable tariffs to finance for invoicing ad-hoc events being hosted


Coordination between Operations and Service Providers

Build, maintain and manage strong working relationships with all utilities service providers:

Property (tenant movements, tenant enquiries, statement errors)

Finance (billing adjustments, non-payment alleviations, manual billings, recoveries)

Utilities (meter installations, replacements, inspections, readings)

Maintenance (wrong readings, locating meters)

Council (discovering incorrect statements and initiating dispute processes to correct and obtain credits) 


Stakeholder Management

Liaise and coordinate closely with the Utilities Analyst and tenants

When required, support and manage the relevant service providers

Ensure that professional reputation is always maintained

Receive, timeously follow up on and resolve tenant queries to ensure professional customer services

Provide support to tenants who are concerned about their utility costs, advising them about efficiency technologies, load shedding opportunities and tariff options that may improve their expense

Build and maintain strong working relationships with City of Cape Town

Liaise with engineers and senior managers regarding new developments in terms of meter requirements and potential for improving recoveries, energy renewals, carbon footprint, cost efficiency etc.

Attend commercial meetings, retail meetings, environmental meetings, utility meetings as and when required 


Research and Strategic Input

Conduct and present research to collaboratively design/implement future methodology and technology for managing the utility service functions within the establishment, to include:

Energy and water efficiency technology and advice

Metering upgrades

Invoicing software

Renewable resource opportunities



General Administration and other support to the Utilities Analyst and Operations teams

Occasionally form part of and serve on special project-directed teams




 B – Tech degree in Accounting or Financial Degree


Municipal Bylaws with respect to Utilities billing and/or Tariff structures

Financial Accounting

Budget Forecasting

Data Analysis

Renewable Energy/Sustainability



Diagnostic thinking

Analytical and detailed

Numerical / financial reasoning

Technical / mechanical understanding


Logical reasoning

Planning and coordinating

Systematic and organised

Emotional intelligence

People skill



3-5 Years Relevant Working Experience in Engineering Services, Utilities Management and/or Billing



Intrinsic Consulting Services





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