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Network Engineer



Job & Company Description:

The senior network engineers main responsibility will be to integrate the clients flagship security products in complex network architectures at their worldwide client base.  The ideal candidate will also support the sales productivity and is responsible for securing the "technical-close" in complex solutions. The ideal candidate will further collaborate with testing, product and business development functions to ensure proposed opportunities include technical solutions that accurately address customer needs, and are appropriately supported by key customer technical decision-makers.

The candidate will be required able to travel internationally, have strong client facing, communication & presentation skills. Candidate must be willing to take leadership, share knowledge to peers and take ownership of tasks and projects.


Takes responsibility either for substantial technical decision-making or for teams of staff. If the latter, demonstrates the basic qualities associated with team leadership. Is thoroughly familiar with the available tools, methods, procedures and/or equipment associated with specialisation. Possesses adequate technical depth to make correct choices from alternatives in all these areas. Be able to train the Clientss flagship products to their customer base, local and international.  Is able to present and facilitate workshops, collaborating to achieve the ideal optimal solution for our customer. Is able to apply selected technical tools etc. in such a way as to meet set targets of cost, time, quality and performance.Is able to demonstrate our products in creative and technically accurate ways that entice potential customers.Is able to communicate effectively both formally and informally with all those with whom working interfaces arise, whether they be colleagues, clients or customers.Possesses a clear understanding of the relationship of any specialised role to the context in which the work is carried out. More generally, this understanding applies also to the employer's business and the needs of those who will use the end product of the work.


  • 5+ years relevant experience as a network engineer, with proven architectural design experience.
  • Good written and verbal communication skills (in English).
  • Strong problem solving skills.
  • Solid practical networking and (optional) cryptographic background.
  • Above average attention to detail.
  • Able to work independently, as well as within a team. Able to work under pressure and display initiative.
  • Able to demonstrate and train customers from a myriad of designations. Leadership skills and provide mentorship to junction staff


Must demonstrate experience in the following technologies:

  • Sound knowledge of TCP/IP & networking principles & protocols.
  • Sound knowledge & practical experience of the following networking and security technologies: Firewalls ,VPNs, VLANs, IPS, IDS & PKI
  • Practical network security architectural experience ,such as DMZ, extranets private and public clouds
  • Practical experience with industry leading security products, such as Checkpoint, Cisco, Microsoft,  Fortinet, Juniper, etc.
  • Demonstrated  experience with Open Source security products & utilities , such as PFsense, IPCop, Kalix, OpenSSH - Certifications, equivalent working experience for all options above.  


  • BSc Computer Science (or equivalent experience)

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320000 Annually




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