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SAP Business Analyst - Contract


Duties and Responsibilities

  • To ensure the smooth operations and success of SAP programs (FICO, MM, SD), SAP Business Analysts must complete several tasks.
  • Analyze Systems Requirements
  • Determine SAP application requirements for clients.
  • Analyze current needs, anticipate future needs and provide solutions for companies in integrating various business operations into one platform.
  • Production, cost control, inventory, human resources, materials management, payroll, supply chain and other operations.
  • Design and Implement SAP Programs
  • Design and implement SAP programs that will satisfy these needs.
  • Adding upgrades, installing new systems or creating custom programs.
  • Systems development applications and be able to run tests on all systems changes to ensure the successful integration of new software and programming and to make any modifications as necessary.
  • Provide Product Support and Training
  • Troubleshoot any problems with SAP programs and offer technical solutions.
  • Provide training to company managers in all areas of SAP programs.
  • Applying strong analytical skills on a daily basis, SAP Business Analysts should display strong organizational, problem solving and leadership skills.
  • They should be detail-oriented team player
  • Understanding of various SAP modules Must be SAP certified
  • Analyzing various business operations and needs
  • Possessing knowledge of software testing procedures
  • Translating business solutions into systems programs
  • Writing functional specifications and preparing training materials


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