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Bodyshop Process Engineer (OEM Engineering only) - 3 Year Contract

Job Description: 

Large Automotive concern seeks to employ: Bodyshop Process Engineer with OEM Engineering experience.

Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • Design body technique and document review, and prepare the process verification to the production stage
  • In charge of process route plan and body techniques development
  • Be responsible for the field commissioning, problem rectification and quality improvement of the new models until they can meet the production requirements and deliver to the production system
  • Responsible for the preparation, maintenance and management of the secondary technical route; Responsible for the review, rejection/acceptance, registration and release of design changes after the process data is issued
  • Responsible for product process materials quota, process supervision, process basic information collection and finishing
  • Responsible for the construction and promotion of the quality system and technical standard system of body techniques
  • Coordinate and solve the technical and technical problems found in the project trial assembly and production.
  • Verify the correctness and reasonableness of welding process, improve welding quality and achieve vehicle quality goal


5 Year working related experience in the OEM Industry in the Engineering Department

Relevant Tertiary eductation





Port Elizabeth, South Africa,


Abantu Staffing Solutions


No education

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Working Experience: 

5 to 5 years

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