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Group Nursing Services Manager


Job Description: 

Job purpose: 

To plan, lead, organize, develop and direct the overall operations of the Group Nursing function to ensure the highest degree of quality patient care in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations and Group standards. In addition, to direct, coordinate and take accountability for delivery of the Group’s Nursing strategy and operational objectives into the Group’s hospitals including the Nursing Academy.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Post-graduate Nursing degree essential.
  • Current registration with the South African Nursing Council.
  • Relevant management qualification advantageous.
  • Proven leadership and nursing management experience within a hospital environment (ideally private hospitals). This management experience should either be at Group Nursing or senior Nursing management level.
  • Must have expert knowledge in field of practice
  • Understanding of HR principles and labour legislation.
  • Understanding of business principles and a commercial orientation (i.e. basic principles of financial management).
  • Computer proficiency – MS Office/Excel

Key Outputs

Management of Nursing service delivery and quality patient care:

  • Perform all duties in accordance with South African Nursing Council (SANC), Department of Health (DOH) and National Core Standards.
  • Make independent, informed decisions when circumstances warrant it.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of practices and procedures as well as laws, regulations and guidelines governing all Nursing functions.
  • Adhere to the principles and standards of patient advocacy according to SANC Acts and omissions, Company Code of Conduct, Patient Rights and Responsibility Charter, National Millennium Development goals and under the responsibility of Continuous Professional Development (CPD).
  • Develop and translate the overall Group Nursing Strategy by driving operational targets aligned to the strategic objectives and cascading such targets to Nursing Services Managers (NSM’s) across all hospitals.
  • Lead Group Nursing operations driving optimal functioning and efficiencies whilst monitoring the overall performance of Nursing  related activities across the hospitals.
  • Direct compliance to Group clinical standards by consistently reviewing the Group’s performance against agreed objectives through quality of service delivery audits and achievement of SHERQ targets and Nursing Academy targets.
  • Identify best practice and direct quality initiatives to uplift the overall Nursing- and Nursing Academy standards.
  • Build a Nursing and academic culture based on P.RA.C.T.I.C.E values and linked behaviors.
  • Identify opportunities to build and strengthen the overall Group image and branding within the healthcare sector.
  • Develop relevant policies and procedures and ensure their implementation and sustainability across Group hospitals through continuous review and assessment.


Relationship management with key stakeholders:

  • Develop productive working relationships with key internal and external stakeholders by participating in various forums, cross functional meetings/activities and by identifying networking opportunities. ? Establish and sustain mutually beneficial relationships with all stakeholders to achieve integrated patient care.
  • Drive a positive patient (customer) experience by ensuring NSM’s and their Unit Managers drive a customer-oriented service.
  • Establish corrective measures across the Nursing to address shortcomings and closure of gaps through analysis of data and metrics including feedback from “MyVoice” platform.”
  • Market the professional image of Nursing and the hospital within the community by participating actively in various marketing initiatives and promoting Nursing as a career.
  • Drive effective complaint resolution through NSM’s and their Unit Managers and monitor the effectiveness of complaint management.
  • Escalate issues for resolution to Line Manager immediately.


Achievement of Nursing financial targets:

  • Drive effective financial control measures within the Nursing Department and Academy through cost optimization efforts and reducing clinical wastage.
  • Achieve accurate and timeously reporting of Nursing and academic data, including timeously incident and risk management.
  • Remain accountable for the overall Group Nursing budget ensuring nursing expenditure is in line with hospital requirements and actual activities.
  • Achieve optimal operating efficiencies through effective human resources and other resource management.
  • Collaborate with NSM’s and analyze time and attendance data to identify opportunities to reduce cost and wastage.

People management:

  • Drive and demonstrate visible leadership in respect of company values, operating model and strategy.
  • Strive to continuously improve and strengthen NSM and Nurse competency, including Nursing staff, Educators and Clinical Facilitators at hospitals and within the Nursing Academy through identification of effective teaching and information communication platforms including a back to basics agenda, when necessary
  • Develop action plans to resource, advance and retain the skills within specialized units and overall Nursing staff.
  • Drive employee engagement initiatives within Nursing and the Academy that further company performance.
  • Participate actively and contribute in organizational leadership meetings.
  • Drive organizational goals of NSM’s and Nursing Academy to create a culture of accountability and excellence.
  • Achieve optimal management of Nursing function and Nursing Academy through ethical behavior and good governance aligned to Group policies and procedures.
  • Provide leadership and development to direct reports, including performance management contracting and identification of training and development needs


Johannesburg, South Africa,


SD Recruitment (Pty) Ltd


No education

Job Category: 


Working Experience: 

3 to 5 years

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