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Infrastructure Architect

Job Description: 

Define and implement the infrastructure architecture to support the enterprise infrastructure for the organisation's computer system - hardware, software, data, networks. Provide strategic coordination as well as tactical governance. Ensures that infrastructure is robust and scalable to ensure ongoing performance of the organisation's services. Stay constantly current on the latest infrastructure technologies. 

Role Outcomes: 
Current-state Infrastructure Architecture 
Future-state Infrastructure Architecture 
Roadmap for transformation from current to future state Infrastructure architectures 
Organisational understanding and alignment around emerging Infrastructure technologies 
Infrastructure Architecture Principles 
Infrastructure Standards 
Infrastructure Technical Debt Rating 
Participation in Architecture Review Board 

Role Responsibilities: 
Develop and regularly maintain a future-state Infrastructure vision in line with the organisation's Business and IT Strategies - as well as the roadmap for transforming between current and future Infrastructure vision 
Calculate the organisation's Infrastructure Technical Debt and ensure this is regularly communicated to the Head of Architecture 

Number of version updates of the Future-State Infrastructure Architecture over the past 12 months 
Decrease in Infrastructure Technical Debt over the past 12 months 
Number of Solution Architecture deviations from Infrastructure Technology Standards over the past 12 months 
Number of Solution Architecture deviations from Infrastructure Principles over the past 12 months 

Role Characteristics: 
Assertiveness and ability to influence and reason with key stakeholders 
Able to work in a team environment 
Excellent interpersonal skills 
Analytical, Logical, Lateral and Creative Thinking 
Able to integrate disparate concepts into a cohesive whole 
Able to reason at various levels of abstraction 
Excellent knowledge of Infrastructure 

Role Scope: 
Primary focus is on the development of the Enterprise-level future view w.r.t. Infrastructure including data centres, communications network, server and storage infrastructure, desktop and corporate platforms. 
Focus will include all supporting artefacts required to effectively and professionally deliver the Enterprise-level future view, including Principles, Standards, Reference Architectures, Patterns and Services 
This role scope will include Solution Architecture where required by the organisation 

Role Tasks and Activities: 
Assist IT Strategy with the necessary detail surrounding current and future Information and Infrastructure capabilities 
Introduce Infrastructure Architecture Patterns and Anti-Patterns as well as Reference Architectures to assist in Solution Architecture designs 

Bachelor Degree in either Information Systems or Computer Science 
Honours or Master’s Degree (or higher) in either Information Systems or Computer Science 
TOGAF Foundation Training / TOGAF Certification 
Information Technology Architect Certification (ITAC) (Open Group) 

Role Experience: 
3+ Years’ experience as a Capability Architect I: Infrastructure 

Prior Knowledge: 
Advanced knowledge of Infrastructure technologies 
Advanced knowledge of Infrastructure products and tools 
Advanced knowledge and application of a variety of hardware and software platforms and integrated information systems. 
Advanced knowledge in IT Domains of security, data, enabling and applications 

Technology Environment: 
Mainframe, P-Series, Wintel and Enterprise Storage platforms 
Public Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Private Cloud, develops Stack


Centurion, South Africa,


Tipp Focus


No education

Job Category: 

Banking,Information Technology (IT),Architecture

Working Experience: 

5 to 10 years

Contract Type: 

Part Time



Salary Frequency: 


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