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Maintenance Technician

Job Description: 

Purpose of job:

Maintenance and repairs to machinery, equipment, plant and facilities, Installation and commissioning of machinery and equipment, general maintenance to plant and facilities, Safety and Housekeeping


  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience as a qualified tradesman, preferably in automotive sector
  • Experienced in electrical, hydraulics and pneumatics
  • Self-starter, hard and conscientious worker


  • Certification as qualifies Millwright
  • Understand and read electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic circuits and drawings
  • Understanding and knowledge of Company rules and regulations, and Safety rules and regulations applicable to the Company
  • Experience in mechatronics


  • Mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic planned and preventative maintenance and repairs to machinery and equipment, including plant and facilities as required
  • Execution of planned and preventative maintenance and repairs on machinery, equipment, plant and facilities in accordance with maintenance plan
  • Report deterioration and excessive wear and tear on machinery, equipment, plant and facilities that requires major repairs to be carried out
  • Report all delays that cannot be completed in the planned time frame due to addition faults and problems identified during the maintenance or repairs to the machine or equipment
  • Assist with the manufacturing, refurbishment or modification to existing machinery and equipment as required
  • Assist with the installation and commissioning of refurbished, modified or new machines, as required.
  • Ensure correct functioning and safe working of machinery and equipment after completion of maintenance and before handing over for use in Production
  • Identification and prediction of other repairs on machinery and equipment that is to be conducted in future planned and preventative maintenance
  • Assist with urgent machine, equipment plant or facility breakdowns that will lead to customer line stoppages, including after hours if required
  • Abide by Company Rules and Regulations
  • Ensure safety precautions and standards are followed at all times when conducting maintenance and repairs on machinery, equipment plant and facilities such as equipment lockout
  • Abide by safety rules and regulations at all times
  • Apply and maintain the company standards in the workplace and maintenance area at all times
  • To close down any machine or equipment that is unsafe to work with
  • To close down any machine or equipment that is faulty and may lead to further damage
  • To carry out all duties and responsibilities as described in this job description
  • To operate within the parameters of the job descriptions
  • To not hand over a machine for use in production after maintenance or service that is unsafe or unchecked for proper functioning and operating
  • In event of absence of the incumbent, the Technical and Quality Manager is responsible to ensure continuity of duties and activities in line with agreed schedules and parameters


East London, South Africa,


Abantu Staffing Solutions


No education

Job Category: 


Working Experience: 

5 to 10 years

Contract Type: 

Full Time



Salary Frequency: 


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