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Technical Manager


Job Description: 

Manage the Engineering Department.

Daily Task:Build and maintain strong relationships with stakeholders by professional conduct, regular feedback sessions, open communications, knowledge of the business and meeting deadlines. Work closely with both Internal and External contacts to investigate problems and find solutions. Work closely with ERD and production to ensure on-time product delivery. Interact with all departments. Participate in Design Review panel. Develop subordinates and implement career path planning.
Weekly Tasks: Research, diagnose , troubleshoot and identify solutions. Introduce reports to supply management information to stakeholders such as product performance indicators and improvements.

Strong self management to effectively deliver quality and service: plan, control, delegate and motivate. Introduce performance measurement system to manage effectively (e.g. output per person number of failures,/incorrect processes, absenteeism) Hold regular status meetings. Ensure technical competence of team and self in order to deliver quality service


Johannesburg, South Africa,


Booyco Electronics


No education

Job Category: 


Working Experience: 

5 to 6 years

Contract Type: 

Full Time


R40000 to R60000

Salary Frequency: 


Job Reference #: 



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