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57428 - FETC: Youth Development Assessor and Moderator

Assessors are responsible for:
• Inform the learner about the qualifications or unit standard requirements
• Support and guide the learner in the collection of evidence
• Help the learner plan for an assessment
• Inform the learner about the timing of the assessment
• Conduct the assessment and provide feedback
To fulfil these roles, the assessor has to (in terms of the assessment process):
• Become familiar with the qualification and the unit standard that he/she will be assessing
• Plan and design the assessment
• Collect evidence of the learner’s performance in accordance with the relevant ETQA’s principles and policies
• Evaluate and judge the evidence
• Authenticate the evidence
• Make an assessment decision, i.e. competent, or not yet competent.
• Once the assessment decision has been made, the assessor has to (in terms of the ETQA’s requirements);
• Meet all documentation and recording requirements
• Forward the results to the relevant ETQA’s for certification
• Comply with the ETQA’s moderation requirements
• Review the assessment process and implement changes where required

The Moderator:

i. Needs to mark at all the assessor’s marks and thus need to have the memorandum for each assessment exercise.
ii. Make comments where assessment technique or marks does not make sense or are questioned.
iii. Sign off via initialing at every total and subtotal point allocations given by assessor.
iv. Must not make marks or ticks where exercises are not assessed.
v. Must clearly indicate if learner is found “Competent” or “Not Yet Competent” at front of PoE.
vi. Stamps may not be used to replace signature or initials.
vii. No moderator can moderate the work he/she has assessed.
viii. Moderators must moderate the assessment process and not reassess the candidate.
ix. The moderator must pay specific attention to any special needs that a candidate might have had.
x. Once moderation is completed the moderator need to write a report on the assessment process, assessment methods used and assessment judgments.
xi. The moderator must also write a report on the assessment of each learner.
xii. If the moderator is satisfied that the learner has been properly assessed, the documentation is signed and dated.
xiii. Should the moderator feel that the assessment was not completed in a proper manner he/she may take steps to resolve the problem in conjunction with the assessor. The moderator can write a report to this regard to the assessor.
xiv. The moderator is responsible for the constant improvement of the assessment methods used by all concerned. This is done by developing the assessors' competence with regular training and mentorship, advice and support.
xv. The moderator might be responsible for the management of the learner results or assessment appeals process when required.
xvi. The steps to be followed in the moderation process are as follows:
a. Pre-assessment Moderation
b. Plan and prepare for the moderation
c. Conduct the moderation
d. Advice and support assessors
e. Report, record and administer the moderation
f. Review the moderation system and processes

Job Requirements: 

the suitable candidate should be registered with THE ETDP SETA as the Assessor or Moderator for Further Education and Training Certificate: Youth Development Level 4: the candidate should have the following:

1. Valid Assessor and scope with Youth Development
2. At least one contactable reference
3. At least one year experience

please respond with your:

1. Detailed CV
2. Current and Valid ETDP SETA Scope and ID Copy (no need to be certified)

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Company Name: 

Training at Work (Pty) Ltd

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