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Academic Manager

Role and Responsibilities

• CHE Accreditation experience
• Coordinates Accreditation Process and ensure that all audit requirements are met
• Oversees the implementation and management of the curriculum
• Creates templates for reporting across the functional areas
• Facilitate all academic planning and develop academic calendars
• Liaison between head office and academic staff
• Work closely with Programme Managers on governance, evaluations and support
• Understands and able to navigate using a student LMS
• Supervising academic quality assessment periodically
• Ability to benchmark against other providers and make recommendations on best practice
• Monitors student performance, identify students at risk and provide retention plans for student success
• Create bi-monthly reports
• Monitor academic performance, conduct reviews and make recommendations on improvements
• Oversees the observation and evaluations of all staff members under his/her management area
• Strong research ability, able to interpret statistics and make informed decisions
• Create a repository for academic policies, procedures, committee activities and documentation
• Ability to chair meetings, document and report on decisions
• Ability to deal with student queries and provide support in this regard
• Provide leadership to all other staff daily
• Conduct all other duties as assigned

Job Requirements: 

• At least 5 years’ experience and proven work record in academic monitoring, planning and administration
• Skilled Experience in creating curriculum
• Minimum Masters Qualification or equivalent

Job Type: 


Company Name: 

Graduate Institute of Financial Sciences

Company Location: 

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