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We are looking for the Church administrator to manage the operations of the church. Duties include office management, communication, managing volunteers, assisting with financial management of the church and organizing events.
• Clerical, administrative and logistics support for the pastors
• Calendar and communications support via special mailing, e-mail, phone contact.
• Liaison to Diaconate, treasurer and secretary for ministry groups and membership.
• Support to the Secretary in any ways necessary, in dealing with BUV & other matters
• Coordination and tracking of building keys, and security issues.
• Co-ordination of various rosters and taskforces operating within the church.

Job Requirements: 

• Have a caring attitude, excellent people skills, and high integrity
• Be accessible, responsive, and flexible to handle the changing needs of the church
• Have clerical, communications, computer and administrative skills
• Have knowledge of the Sample Baptist Church and be able to coordinate the unique schedule

Job Type: 


Company Name: 

God's Word at Work Ministries Int

Company Location: 

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